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Headteacher Mrs Ransley
Deputy Headteachers Mrs Wakeling   Mrs Walker
Inclusion Lead Mrs Hart


At All Souls’ there is one Reception class that works within the Foundation Stage (Ladybirds). There are three vertically grouped classes in Key Stage One that follow a parallel curriculum fully in line with current legislation and the National Curriculum (Dragonflies, Bumblebees and Caterpillars).  At specific times during the week the classes are grouped according to age and ability to further facilitate the teaching of all National Curriculum subjects including the Literacy and Numeracy strategies according to need.

Although grouped in classes, children are taught individually or in small groups according to their needs, ability and progress.  This process is enhanced by keeping the class sizes small, the extensive use of Teaching Assistants, and voluntary support from parents. Mrs Hart, Inclusion Lead, ensures that additional learning support for children is provided when required.

Continual teacher assessment, agreement trialling, our own assessment on entry and completion of the Foundation Profile are carried out in the Foundation stage.


Teacher - Mrs Chapman (Foundation Stage Phase Leader)  

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Hughes    Mrs Limbu    


In Key Stage One, teacher assessment, agreement trialling and SATs at the end of the Key Stage help identify the individual needs of the children and in the planning of programmes of study appropriate for each child. All Year 1 pupils complete the phonics test. Pupils are tracked through the Key Stage to ensure they always make the best progress possible.

The key to good learning at this, and any other age, is enjoyment. We group subjects into topics and ensure the children are active learners.


  • Teacher - Miss Ottaway
  • Teaching Assistants - Mrs Horne     Mrs Pickford


  • Teacher - Mrs Harvey
  • Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Denyer 


  • Teachers - Mrs Andrews (KS1 Phase Leader)  Mrs Payne
  • Teaching Assistants - Mrs Gregory   Miss Atkinson

Key Stage Two

In Key Stage Two, the children are arranged in three classes of Lower Juniors (Sharks, Dolphins and Stingrays) and three classes of Upper Juniors (Penguins, Turtles and Orcas). We also have an additional class, Oysters, where Mr Willson teaches Year 6 Maths. They are taught according to the National Curriculum Guidelines, with an emphasis on enjoyment of learning and a focus on the skills needed to be successful learners.

All children are taught according to their individual needs and levels of attainment through individual, year group, or class teaching. Continual teacher assessment and information obtained through regular end of year standardised tests help identify the individual needs of the children and how they may be most effectively grouped and taught. Pupils are tracked and monitored to ensure that expected progress in maintained.


At the end of Year 6 the pupils leave All Souls' School. There is a county procedure for transfer to Secondary School which is followed by all Kent schools. Details of this will be made available to all parents at the appropriate time.

The schools normally considered by parents are:

  • The Harvey Grammar School (Selective Boys)
  • The Folkestone School for Girls (Selective Girls)
  • Brockhill Park Academy
  • The Folkestone Academy
  • Turner Free School

We have close links with our local secondary schools to make the move onto the next school as easy as possible. There are procedures in place for children who may need additional support with the transition and Mrs Hart liaises closely with the secondary schools to access this support where appropriate.


  • Teacher - Mrs Brinkley (LKS2 Phase Leader)
  • Teaching Assistants - Mrs Turrell (HLTA)  Mrs Canini


  • Teacher - Mrs Walker (LKS2 Phase Leader) 
  • Teaching Assistants - Mrs Carvill     Mrs Begum


  • Teacher - Mr Morrison
  • Teaching Assistant - Mrs Smith


  • Teachers - Mrs Higgins  Mrs Wright
  • Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sly


  • Teacher - Mrs Wakeling (UKS2 Phase Leader)
  • Teaching Assistant - Mrs Breed (HLTA)


  • Teacher - Mr Willson
  • Teaching Assistants - Mrs Ashley    Mrs Norris


  • Teacher - Mr Willson
  • Teaching Assistants - Mrs Cooper    Mrs Thomas

Additional Staff

  • PPA - Mrs Payne
  • EAL Support - Mrs Limbu
  • Learning Mentor - Mrs Cooper

Non-Teaching Staff

School Business Manager

  • Mrs Eyles


  • Mrs Scott

Family Liaison Officer

  • Mrs Dalton


  • Mrs Clift

Site Manager

  • Mr Harber

Breakfast Club Staff

  • Mrs Gregory
  • Mrs Clift

Kitchen Staff

  • Mrs Browne
  • Mrs Thurling

Midday Supervisors

  • Mrs Piper
  • Mrs Santer
  • Mrs Clift