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Smartphone Free Childhood

Smartphone Free Childhood Information

Smartphone Free Childhood is a grassroots movement aiming to change the norm around when parents buy smartphones for their children.

In Britain today, 24% of 5-7 year olds now own a smartphone, by 12, 97%.

When parents first started giving smartphones to their children, we didn’t know the impact they would have. Now, the evidence is clear and we need to act. Research has shown that the younger a child gets a smartphone, the worse their mental health will be. We are calling for parents, schools, government and tech companies to come together and change the norm around when children receive smartphones.

We believe smartphones with unrestricted internet access and social media are not suitable for children under 16 - a simple ‘brick phone’ does everything a child needs. We are working closely with government to push for an outright ban on smartphones in schools, plus stronger regulation of both hardware and software. But new legislation will take time and children need protection now. That’s why we’re calling for parents and schools to come together and act now.

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