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New Year R - September 2023


September Dates 

The first few weeks are not full time, we gradually build up from your child attending mornings, to mornings and lunch, then to full time. Although we appreciate that this may cause a few issues with work/childcare in those initial weeks, our focus is simply on supporting your child in becoming familiar with the new routines they will encounter during the day, as well as getting used to the unfamiliar faces and new surroundings.  

Week beginning Monday 4th September 2023 – this week ALL Reception children will join us for the morning at 8.20am and go home at 12pm.  

Week beginning Monday 11th September 2023 – this week they will join us for the morning at 8.20am and stay for lunch. They will go home at 1.15pm. 

Week beginning Monday 18th September 2023 – from now on all Reception children are in for the full day. Starting at 8.20am, and they will go home at 3pm.