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Illness Guidelines

Childhood illness is an inevitable part of school life. It can be difficult to know how long to keep your child off for while they recover. If your child has been sick, they cannot return to school after a sickness or tummy bug for a minimum of 48 hours after the last bout of sickness.  This helps us to monitor the spread of infectious illnesses; helping us to keep illness from the rest of the classes.  

For information about common childhood illnesses, please follow the link below to the NHS website for further guidelines.

Medications in School

Parents are generally encouraged to schedule their child’s medication so that they do not need a dose during the school day.  However, if your child does need medication during school hours, please note we have to follow the guidelines below: 

  • A form must be completed. Please speak to the office. Please do not give medication to your child to hand in.
  • Only prescription medication can be in school.
  • Medication must be issued by the doctor and be in its original container, labelled with your child’s name.