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‘To finish is sadness to a writer — a little death. He puts the last word down, and it is done. But it isn't really done. The story goes on and leaves the writer behind, for no story is ever done.’

John Steinbeck


At All Souls’, we aim to provide our learners with an outstanding education in English.

Our goal is to not only equip learners with the ability to speak, read and write with fluency, but also to foster a genuine love of English, so that all children might derive pleasure from reading, and communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas effectively.

Reading and writing an integral part of entire school curriculum. All children, from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6, are provided with a wide range of opportunities to enhance and utilise their oracy skills, reading and writing abilities across the curriculum.

Our English curriculum has a foundation based on immersing children in a language rich environment, and through the use of high quality, challenging texts, which expose children to a broad vocabulary, varied patterns of language, different contexts for writing and, of course, develop a sense of audience awareness and writing with purpose.

Our texts offer excellent opportunities to:

  • Explore grammar and punctuation in context
  • Develop and rich vocabulary
  • Explore plot, themes, characters and settings
  • Study an ‘author’s voice’, with the goal of children seeing themselves as accomplished authors
  • Compare and contrast text types
  • Participate in drama, and speaking and listening activities that promote language development
  • Develop a love of reading, and become adept at reading as a means of accessing the wider curriculum
  • Enhance a child’s knowledge of the world around them

Text examples across the school:

Years 1 and 2


Years 3 and 4


Years 5 and 6