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Stars of the Week - 5.7.24

Well done to everyone for all your hard work.

The Stars of the Week are:-

  • Ladybirds - Naima for lots of independent learning this week.
  • Dragonflies - Bria for excellent learning this week.
  • Caterpillars - Aria for having a good attitude to her learning this week.
  • Fireflies - Isla for amazing effort and confidence this week.
  • Dolphins - Fiona for trying hard in English.
  • Sharks - Henry for excellent effort in class.
  • Stingrays - Star for great teamwork in our DT project and always being ready to learn.
  • Turtles - Florrie for good work all week.
  • Orcas - Luca for a good attitude towards his learning.
  • Penguins - Preston for always using his manners and showing kindness to others this week.