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Goodbye to our Year 6 Children

Your time at All Souls’ is nearly done, your new adventure awaits,

What will life hold for you beyond the All Souls’ gates.

We have watched you grow up and become the person you are,

We helped you to read and write with ease, you really are a star.

Walking down our corridors, what do you see,

Your friends whom have all grown with you incredibly.

These friends have grown up beside you, and helped you through daily strife,

What they all wish most of all is you enjoy your new secondary school life.

You are now moving onwards and upwards to somewhere new,

All Souls’ will feel different when we do not have you.

The staff have enjoyed their time with you,

Now go off and show them exactly what you can do.

Doctor, Scientist, Plumber it is all in reach,

Or you could go off to Uni to learn how to teach.

We know it is sad to say goodbye, but it doesn’t always mean the end,

Come and visit us, you will always be our friend.

Believe in yourself, because we do. We want you to always remember…