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  • Class Star of the Week - 22.9.23

    Published 22/09/23

    Well done to everyone for all your hard work this week!

    The Stars of the Week are as follows:

    • Ladybirds - Riley B
    • Dragonflies - Violet M
    • Caterpillars - Robyn E
    • Fireflies - Leo M
    • Dolphins - Alfie M
    • Sharks - Ronnie C
    • Stingrays - Samridh S
    • Turtles - Myla M
    • Orcas - Sienna S
    • Penguins - Kyle M
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  • Class Star of the Week - 15.9.23

    Published 15/09/23

    Well done to everyone for all your hard work this week!

    The Stars of the Week are as follows:

    • Ladybirds - Lillie P
    • Dragonflies - Arlo B
    • Caterpillars - Clara W
    • Fireflies - William G
    • Dolphins - Ralphie W
    • Sharks - Elora T
    • Stingrays - Nancy B
    • Turtles - Ishrina P
    • Orcas - Avalon C
    • Penguins - Peppino G
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  • Class Star of the Week - 8.9.23

    Published 08/09/23

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  • Goodbye to our Year 6 Children

    Published 21/07/23

    Your time at All Souls’ is nearly done, your new adventure awaits,

    What will life hold for you beyond the All Souls’ gates.

    We have watched you grow up and become the person you are,

    We helped you to read and write with ease, you really are a star.

    Walking down our corridors, what do you see,

    Your friends whom have all grown with you incredibly.

    These friends have grown up beside you, and helped you through daily strife,

    What they all wish most of all is you enjoy your new secondary school life.

    You are now moving onwards and upwards to somewhere new,

    All Souls’ will feel different when we do not have you.

    The staff have enjoyed their time with you,

    Now go off and show them exactly what you can do.

    Doctor, Scientist, Plumber it is all in reach,

    Or you could go off to Uni to learn how to teach.

    We know it is sad to say goodbye, but it doesn’t always mean the end,

    Come and visit us, you will always be our friend.

    Believe in yourself, because we do. We want you to always remember…


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  • Young Carers Pizza Party

    Published 20/07/23

    We would like to say a huge thank you to Luben’s Pizzas for donating a large amount of pizzas to our young carers this week, so they could have a special end of term lunch together. 

    All sixteen of our young carers were extremely full, happy, and said it was the best pizza party ever.

    Thank you, Luben’s for being so kind and supporting our children.

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  • Aquila Games

    Published 19/07/23

    On Tuesday 12th July, fourteen of our Year 5/6 children were chosen to compete at The Julie Rose Athletics Stadium against other Aquila Schools.

    The children showed great sportsmanship, and they represented All Souls' impeccably. We came away with so many medals, and we are really proud of all the children that participated.

    Please see below for the results:

    Year 6 - Shot put boys - Gold - Henry

    Year 5 - Shot put boys - Gold - Kenzie

    Year 5 - Standing long jump - Gold - Roman

    Year 6 - Standing triple jump - Silver - Elise

    Year 5 - 80m Sprint girls - Anastasia

    Year 5 - 80m Sprint boys - Noah

    Boys relay - Bronze

    Girls relay - Bronze

    We were also crowned winners of the medium Schools category for Aquila Schools!

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  • Years 5 and 6 Go Potty!

    Published 14/07/23

    Years 5 and 6 upcycled containers from home to make their own plant pots in D.T.  

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  • Another Busy Week at All Souls'

    Published 14/07/23

    The last week of term is another busy one here at All Souls', with lots of exciting events happening.

    • New Year R Parent Meetings - Monday 17th July and Tuesday 18th July
    • Young Carers End of Term Lunch Party - Monday 17th July
    • Years 5 and 6 at Dover Castle - Tuesday 18th July
    • Year 6 Leavers' Service - Wednesday 19th July
    • Picnic at the Park - Thursday 20th July 12:30pm
    • Last Day of Term - Thursday 20th July
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  • Busy Week at All Souls'

    Published 07/07/23

    Next week is a very busy one at All Souls'! There are lots of exciting activities happening in, and out, of school.

    • Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th July 6pm-8pm - Performing Arts Summer Show
    • Wednesday 12th July - Aquila School Games
    • Thursday 13th July 3:30-4:00pm - Meet the Teacher
    • Friday 14th July - Year 6 outing at Bedgebury Pinetum
    • Saturday 15th July - Charivari
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  • Class Star of the Week - 30.6.23

    Published 30/06/23

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  • Herald Cup

    Published 30/06/23

    We are very proud of our Herald Cup football team this year! All of our players have progressed with the support of their incredible coach, Louis!

    Thank you to our parents for their support, Louis and Mrs Turrell for their coaching, and of course all of our players for representing the school so well! For pictures of the celebration, click here.


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