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  • Christmas Raffle Winners!

    Published 16/12/20

    Congratulations to our Christmas Raffle winners. Thank you to everyone for supporting us this year, a super £438.00 was raised. 


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  • Marvellous Magnets!

    Published 04/12/20

    This week, in science, Stingrays have been looking at the strength of different magnets. We set up and carried out a simple enquiry involving a variety of magnets. We also made predictions, recorded our results and explained our conclusions.
    Over the course of the term, we have also been studying the book, The Iron Man. As part of this we each drew The Iron Man, based on the original book cover. We were really pleased with our final pieces and displayed them around the class.


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  • KS1 - Kipper's Birthday

    Published 26/11/20

    KS1 have been retelling and writing the story 'Kipper's Birthday'. We have had a fun two weeks exploring the story. Take a look at our story bag puppets! We even got to enjoy some cake just like Kipper!

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  • Winter in Bloom!

    Published 20/11/20

    We would like to say a big thank you to Joel’s mum for the amazing job with our school planters. We hope you are all enjoying them as much as we are. 

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  • Diving Deeper

    Published 13/11/20

    This week, pupils in Year 6 designed posters to explain how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. 

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  • Fascinating Friction!

    Published 13/11/20

    This week, Years 3 and 4 started learning about how forces act on objects. We conducted an investigation of friction on different surfaces, using a toy car and a variety of different materials. We made predictions on what surface would cause the most friction for the toy car and recorded our results in a table. We were able to explain our findings and talk about why different surfaces create different amounts of friction. Next week we will be learning about magnets.  


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  • Victorian Britain

    Published 06/11/20

    This term, Year 5 and 6 are transporting themselves back to Victorian Britain. We are finding out just how different life was in the 19th Century and what was different compared to our lives today. Across the term we will be looking at: what the children's lives may have been like in a Victorian classroom, some of the key events and people that shaped the world in Victorian Britain and some key literary figures and their work. Watch this space for more Victorian news. 

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  • KS1 are Superheroes!

    Published 04/11/20

    KS1 dressed up as superheroes to celebrate the end of their topic. They had a super fun day!

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  • Eggciting Science!

    Published 09/10/20

    Over the past week, Year 3 and 4 conducted a scientific investigation into tooth decay. They investigated the effect certain types of liquids have on their teeth. For the purposes of the experiment, five boiled eggs acted as teeth. Each egg was placed into a cup containing a different type of liquid: orange juice, apple juice, coke, water and milk. Each morning, over a five day period, pupils observed the eggs and noted down their findings. The results were very interesting and showed us the importance of eating a well-balanced, healthy diet and maintaining good oral hygiene.  

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  • KS1 Senses Walk

    Published 25/09/20

    This week, Key Stage One went for a lovely walk in the local park (before all the rain came!)

    We used our senses to see the aeroplanes in the sky, cars driving past and we even spotted the White Horse on the hill! We used our sense of hearing to identify the sound of a dog barking, leaves crunching and children chatting!    

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  • Welcome Back!

    Published 18/09/20

    This week Year 3 and 4 have been focusing on our return to school and how we can quickly settle in to life back at All Souls'. Every morning as a class, we have talked about various ways we can deal with our return after being away from both our friends and our classroom based learning for so long. We spoke about how we can manage change in our lives, how we can reconnect and re-engage and how we can support, listen and talk to one another. By talking with each other, we are building confidence and rebuilding our school community.
    We have been able to get straight back into our learning and look forward to the challenges that lay ahead. We feel ready for them and glad to be back with our friends and teachers. We also want to thank our families for all the support they have shown us over the last six months.

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  • Headteacher For The Day

    Published 13/03/20

    All Souls’ has had two new staff members today! The new members of staff have done a great job being Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Leading worship, completing learning walks and dinner duty has been the menu for the day - I wonder if they will look forward to being pupils again on Monday?

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