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  • We're an Ofsted Graded Good School!

    Published 03/11/23

    We are very proud to announce the grading of our recent Ofsted inspection. To read the final report, please click here.

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  • Stars of the Week - 1.12.23

    Published 01/12/23

    Well done to everyone for all your hard work this week.

    The Stars of the Week are:-

    • Ladybirds - Nate C
    • Dragonflies - Bria P
    • Caterpillars - Bear C
    • Fireflies - Evie M
    • Dolphins - Alfie W
    • Sharks - Willow B
    • Stingrays - Jax S
    • Turtles - Daisy R
    • Orcas - Anastasia L
    • Penguins - Wilf H
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  • Club Oyster

    Published 24/11/23

    The children have been engaged in a wide variety of activities at Club Oyster. For more pictures click here.

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  • Penguins' News

    Published 24/11/23

    We have just finished reading The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q'Rauf, and the children absolutely loved it. We are now writing diary entries and have had a lot of discussion about what being a refugee is, and what it would be like to be in a new country. 

    In Maths, we have just finished learning about fractions and are moving onto decimals. The children are doing really well. 

    Our class have been working really hard on quizzes, so far this term we have taken 58 quizzes - which is great! On top of this, all of the children have moved up in their accelerated reader levels. Incredible!

    We have started reading our Christmas text, The Christmas Pig by J. K. Rowling, and we have just finished part 1, which was brilliant. 

    We are getting ready for a fun few weeks leading up to Christmas, and Mrs C is just finishing getting our advent calendar ready for the children. 

    The children have settled so well this term, and it has been a real pleasure to teach them.

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  • Stars of the Week - 24.11.23

    Published 24/11/23

    Well done to everyone for all your hard work this week.

    The Stars of the Week are as follows:-

    • Ladybirds - Elijah B
    • Dragonflies - Lucy P
    • Caterpillars - Arthur N
    • Fireflies - Nirvan S
    • Dolphins - Oscar T
    • Sharks - Teddy M
    • Stingrays - Evie M
    • Turtles - Harry C
    • Orcas - Alice H
    • Penguins - Zach H
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  • Diwali - Festival of Light

    Published 24/11/23

    Some of our children celebrated Diwali, also known as Tihar, with their families. 

    ava g 1.jpeg

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  • Stars of the Week - 17.11.23

    Published 17/11/23
    Well done to everyone for all your hard work this week.
    The Stars of the Week are as follows:-
    • Ladybirds - Zara Y
    • Dragonflies - Momina M
    • Caterpillars - Olivia T
    • Fireflies - Rossi S
    • Dolphins - Darcey B
    • Sharks - Wyatt D
    • Stingrays - Perci J
    • Turtles - Florie W
    • Orcas - Felicity M
    • Penguins - Annie H
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  • Young Animators

    Published 17/11/23

    Our young carers were lucky enough to have the Young Animators come into school and spend the day with them. They had a day of making animations that will be part of the Folkestone Living Advent Calendar event. All our Young Carers had an amazing day, trying a new activity, learning new skills and understanding how to make animations.

    As a school, we recognise that there are many children that are living with parents or siblings with a disability, mental health struggles and other needs. If you think your child could be a Young Carer, please contact Mrs Allon for more information.

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  • Children in Need Dance-a-thon

    Published 17/11/23

    This week, we supported Children in Need by taking part in a dance-a-thon! Take a look at our funky moves!

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  • Stars of the Week - 10.11.23

    Published 10/11/23
    Well done to everyone for all your hard work this week!
    The Stars of the Week are :-
    • Ladybirds - Noah T

    • Dragonflies - Jasper T

    • Caterpillars - Bella W

    • Fireflies - James H

    • Dolphins - Iriz K

    • Sharks - Primrose H

    • Stingrays - Lily C

    • Turtles - Adeena R

    • Orcas - Luca O

    • Penguins - Sophie S

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  • Fireflies are Autumn Detectives!

    Published 03/11/23

    Fireflies enjoyed a blustery day in the park looking for signs of Autumn. We spotted colourful leaves, sycamore seeds, conkers, grey clouds and felt the cold wind on our faces. We had fun catching the leaves as they fell from the trees!


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