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Yr 6 - W.B. 04.01.21

Term 3

Welcome to Term 3!


If you need any support, or have a query regarding the Home Learning, adults can contact:

Mrs Higgins on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Mrs Wright on Thursday and Friday:


Remember - you should continue to read daily, and complete a quiz on each book you read at:

If you have a Nessy log in - please use this for a few minutes each day.


Please try to complete as much as you can, as we will need it for our return to school. 

Tuesday 5th January: 

Work your way through the Powerpoint (saved as a pdf)  - you will need to write/make notes where you at some points. When finished, complete the activity. You can choose between the red pepper sheet (a good level of challenge), or the orange pepper if you need to ease yourself back in after Christmas!

Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th January: 

Read the text (Chapter 1), and answer the comprehension questions. It would make sense to read half, and complete questions 1 to 5 on the first day, and complete the task on the next day. Enjoy!

Friday 8th :

Work through the characterision powerpoint, and complete the tasks on the last two slides.


For each day you have a few pages to work through which is the group work we would have done on the board together. Once you have worked through the pages and completed the activities the last page will tell you what your main activity will be. Click on the other file(s) for the day to see what the task is. 

Tuesday 5th January: 

A recap on the four operations and arithmetic. Make sure you are careful to remember to use place value in your work as well as all of the methods you learnt in term 1 and 2. 

Wednesday 6th January: 

You will be looking at some reasoning questions around addition and subtraction. Think about the language we use for add and subtract (plus, sum, total, take away, difference etc.) as well as if problems need just one calculation or more than one.

Thursday 7th January: 

You will be looking at some reasoning questions around multiplication. Remember there are two methods for multiplications - long and short multiplication. Think about the key extra step in long multiplication involving a placeholder zero. There is a video to remind you.

Friday 8th January: 

You will be looking at some reasoning questions around division. You need to remember how to do both long and short division. 

For long division remember the process - Father, Mother, Sister, Brother (Find, Multiply, Subtract, Bring down). There is a video to remind you but be careful - they use Dad = Divide, instead of Father = Find - the process is still exactly the same as you learnt in class in term 1 and 2.