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Yr 6 - W.B. 01.02.21

Welcome to the next week of learning! In addition to the normal resources, there are some 'wellbeing' activities/information for you to check out!
Topic this week need not be done in any particular order - you can choose!
For one of your days learning we would like you to complete a well-being activity. There is some information on the well-being page for this week as well as some links to the website for 'Children's Mental Health Week'; spend some of your time having a look at the website and thinking about how you can keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically. At the bottom of the school page is a document which has some activities on it that you could do from home, these can be completed on your own, with siblings or as a group with everyone at your house. 
There is no topic set for Friday - instead we ask that you complete a Star Reading Test, so we can assess your reading, and give you new levels. This will enable you to choose a higher level book, and develop your reading ability. 
The test MUST be completed by Friday afternoon, and should be done without the support of any adults at home - it needs to be an assessment of your current reading level.
When you do the test, find somewhere quiet, at a time you won't be disturbed, and take your time. Read the questions carefully. We will contact you if we feel you need another try!


The Accelerated Reader link is :