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Year R

Please go the the Ladybird Class page to find our weekly Home Learning Activity Grids as well as daily challenges to try out this term whilst the school is closed. 


In the Ladybird Class, Home Learning challenges will be set each Friday- you will find them via the Ladybird Class page on our website. The challenges will link to the learning taking place within school and will be very practical in nature. Although we certainly encourage independence from our Ladybird learners, the challenges are designed to be completed with an adult on hand to support with new vocabulary, new concepts and of course to offer praise and motivation (if things get a little tricky!).

Please share with us how your child gets on with each challenge by recording with pictures/ photos or with a written comment in the 'I can at home' book. Although these books will stay at home for now we will collect them in at the end of each term, so that we can share your child's successes with the rest of the class. They really enjoy looking back at just what they have achieved - and so do we!