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Summer Learning - Years 5 and 6

As promised, here is a challenge to help you prepare for school in September! Your mission is to complete as many activities as you can! 

Step 1: Print the game board.

Step 2. Choose an activity. There are maths activities (lots of which are practical), some SPaG, handwriting, editing and writing ideas. You can pick whichever ones you would like - but a mixture of each would be best.

Step 3.  Every time you finish a task, colour or date a square (starting at 1 of course!).

Step 4. Read as much as you can; aim for at least four books at your level. There is a 'great reads' list to help you if you need ideas. These were all recommended by your Year 5/6 teachers.

Step. 5. When you finish a book, complete the quiz as normal, and colour one of the 'OWL' reading squares on the game board.

If you can't print the board, just make a note of your amazing achievements, and we can give you a print out in September. Save your grid or your work, and we can celebrate your fabulous work when we are back together!