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Spiritual Development 2021/2022

As part of Collective Worship, we feel that it is important to develop our children's spiritual development. Each Thursday morning, the school dedicates time within class to focus on a question linked to the weekly Worship theme. Each class has a large book to record the pupils' thoughts and reflections in response to the question. 

Week Beginning Question of the Week - Term 6
06.06.22 How do you feel when you have to wait for a secret surprise?
13.06.22 What sort of things encourage you when you feel down?
20.06.22 Which communities do you belong to, and why are they special?
27.06.22 When you hear the word 'kingdom’, what do you think of?
04.07.22 How can we protect ourselves from giving into temptation?
11.07.22 Complete this sentence: ‘Hope is…’
18.07.22 Choose which useful items you would like to take on a journey.
Week Beginning Question of the Week - Term 5
18.04.22 What is the most exciting piece of news that you have ever heard?
25.04.22 How do you show that you are grateful, when others are generous to you?
02.05.22 When you are generous to others, how do you feel?
09.05.22 Who do you think your neighbours are?
16.05.22 Which changes should be made to ensure that all people are treated fairly?
23.05.22 How do you think that the Queen has helped us during her reign?
Week Beginning Question of the Week - Term 4
21.02.22 How can we make sure that we act fairly towards other people?
28.02.22 Why is it difficult to resist doing wrong things when we are tempted?
07.03.22 What do you treasure most in your life?
14.03.22 St Patrick chose the clover leaf as a symbol (Trinity). Which symbol would you choose to represent something in your life?
21.03.22 What helps you to make good choices?
28.03.22 How could we make sure that we put others first, before ourselves?
Week Beginning Question of the Week - Term 3
03.01.22 How do people know which is the right choice to make?
10.01.22 Why is it unsettling when things change?
17.01.22 What impact does clean water have on people's lives?
24.01.22 Which small acts of sharing can we offer to help others?
31.01.22 How can we bring light to our world?
07.02.22 What can we do to follow a good path in life?
Week Beginning Question of the Week - Term 2
01.11.21 Why should we try to help people that we don't know?
08.11.21 Why is it important to forgive others, even if they have upset us?
15.11.21 Why is it important to share what we have with others?
22.11.21 Why is it so important to learn to work together?
29.11.21 What strategies can we use to stay focussed on a task?
06.12.21 What can we do to make other people's lives brighter?
13.12.21 What inspires you?
Week Beginning Question of the Week - Term 1
06.09.21 How do our school values help us to live and learn together as a community?
13.09.21 What is the wisest thing that you have learnt from someone else?
20.09.21 How can we use money to do good and to help others?
27.09.21 What is your favourite thing that God created, and why is it important to you?
04.10.21 Why is it important to share food with others?
11.10.21 Who watches over us and keeps us safe?
18.10.21 Why is it important to keep a promise?