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Spiritual Development

As part of Collective Worship, we feel that it is important to develop our children's spiritual development. Each Thursday morning the school will dedicate some time within classes to focus on a question linked to the weekly Worship theme. Each class has a large book to record the pupils' thoughts and reflections in response to the question. 

Week beginning Question of the week - Term 6
07.06.21 What do you think of when you hear the word 'home'?
14.06.21 Think of a time when you have needed ot be brave.



Have you ever seen an argument that has grown into something bigger? (KS2)

Have you ever had an argument? (FS/KS1)

28.06.21 How do people use their thinking for right and wrong reasons?
05.07.21 When have your eyes and ears not worked as well as they should?
12.07.21 How can you show your love for others today?