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Nessy is an online spelling and reading intervention programme. The programme uses a variety of videos and online games to support the development of reading and spelling skills. It was originally developed as a tool to support dyslexia but has been found to benefit a wide range of learners with their reading and spelling skills. The leaflets below explain a little bit more about what the children will be doing in the coming months.

Click on the image below to log in to the Nessy learning programs. 

Nessy works best on an up-to-date version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

If you have any questions, please ring the school office on 01303 275967 and ask to speak to Mrs Hart. 


All children in Year 2 through to Year 6 are now able to access Nessy Reading and Spelling and Writing Beach. This access is available until the the 20th July 2020.

If you DO NOT wish your child to be part of this programme please advise Mrs Hart via email

If you are having problems logging on you should also email Mrs Hart, please do not call as Mrs Hart will not physically be in school everyday and this is the quickest way to solve any problems.

Please note that NESSY is not compatible with all devices, please refer to the information posted above.