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Maths resources

Here you will find links and attachments to help you with this week's Maths learning. 

Topic: Subtraction

   Warm ups:

· practise counting backwards from 20

· recall your number bonds to 10 as quickly as you can

· practise forming your numbers

· practise ordering your numbers to 20 and beyond

· count in steps of 2

· practise counting up to 50

. Have a go at this online game:

This week our topic is subtraction. We will be telling subtraction stories, and using a range of resources to show our understanding.

Spend time talking about the  vocabulary we use when we subtract:

Take away, left, fewer, less, minus, counting backwards etc

Spend time talking about the subtraction symbol ‘-’ and the equals symbol ‘=‘. (Remember that ‘equals’ means ‘the same as’.

Don’t forget to use practical resources you have around the house to help you visualise your subtraction story clearer!