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Maths resources

Here you will find links and attachments to help you with this week's Maths learning. 

Topic: Addition  
Warm ups:

· Practise recalling your number bonds to 10—here is a fun video you might want to use:

· Don’t forget to practise the number bonds rhymes too

10 and 0   I’m a hero

9 and 1    ready to run

8 and 2   buckle my shoe

7 and 3     hug a tree

6 and 4    knock at the door

5 and 5      I feel alive!

4 and 6      pick up sticks

3 and 7      fly to heaven

2 and 8       shut the gate

1 and 9      I feel fine

0 and 10      let’s start again

Spend the beginning of the week making sure you know your number bonds to 10 really well before starting the next part of your addition learning.

This week we are going to be looking at addition through making 10. So those number bonds to 10 that you have been learning will come in handy!

Follow the link to watch a video for support, choose the video that says ’Add by making 10’. Then try the problems below. 

Video to watch 

Take a look at the attachments to see how we can use our knowledge of number bonds to solve addition problems above 10.

‘Adding by making 10’ is just another strategy to solve addition problems using knowledge of number bonds.

If your child still needs time to practise number bonds to 10 and simply adding by ‘counting on’ please continue to practise these before moving on to the ‘add by making 10’ strategy’ if your child is not ready to try this.



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