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Maths resources

Here you will find links and attachments to support this week's Maths learning.


Topic: Place Value to 20 continued (focus -finding one more/one less, comparing & ordering)

· Warm ups: count forwards and backwards to 20 (and beyond)

· Practise counting in steps of 2 up to 20. Use a number line/grid to help you.

· Play fastest finger finding one more and one less on a number line/grid. E.g. Find me one more than 16. etc

·— play an interactive one more and one less game.


How did you get on with showing your teen numbers in tens and ones in a part/part whole model last week?

This week we are going to be looking at finding one more and one less using our numbers to 20.

At school we use resources such as Numicon, dienes and tens frames to practically show our numbers in tens and ones. If you don’t have resources like this at home you could use Lego to build a ten and ones or perhaps you could make your own paper versions.