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Maths Week 2

Hello Year 6. I hope everything is okay at home and you are staying healthy and safe!

Below is all of the work for Maths this week. You are looking at area and perimeter of some different shapes, the work builds up each day so make sure you complete the tasks in order. 

The best way to tackle this is to go through the PowerPoint for each day first - imagine you are in class and try to think of answers for the questions and jot down some notes as well if you find it helpful. Each powerpoint has a quick starter to try with answers attached on a separate slide. You will then have some blue slides which contain examples to work through slowly. Finally you will find a purple slide with your activity for the day explained - worksheets for these are also on the page below. 

You do not need to print the sheets (although you can if you want to work straight on to them) you could just write your answers down on paper or in your exercise books if you have collected one from school. 

You are all capable of doing this year 6 so do try to give it a go; there is a challenge exercise to extend your knowledge for most days as well. 

Have a good week!!