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Last week before half term, then you can have a well deserved break from fractions. I was going to change the topic, but it is easier to carry on with fractions as each lesson builds upon the last one. 

As always, if you are struggling with fractions, look at year 4s work instead. 

Don't forget to keep doing Times Table Rockstars before each lesson.

Monday 8th - - compare and order fractions greater than 1 - Part 2

Tuesday 9th - - add and subtract fractions

Wednesday 10th - - add fractions within 1

                  Please note, there isn't a separate activity sheet with this work. The questions are all on the video. They                      will need plenty of equal sized strips of paper to fold and colour in to go with the video. 

Thursday 11th - - add fractions within 1

Friday 12th - - add 3 or more fractions