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Home School- Week 4

Friday 29th January 2021


Give a cheer Ladybirds- It's Friday! 

If you haven't taken a peek at our Home School Picture Gallery this week do head on over to see what your Ladybird friends have been up to. Don't forget the R.S.P.B's Big Garden Bird Watch begins today. If you think you would like to take part you can visit their website to find out all about it. All they are asking is for you to watch for one hour and make a note of which birds come and visit your garden. It will help if you put out lots of delicious treats and some water for the birds to eat. Maybe you could paint a picture of your favourite garden visitor to share with everyone next week?

In Ladybirds we like to keep Fridays as fun days. I am sure you will skip through these challenges in next to no time so there will still be plenty of time to get out your toys and do all those games and activities that make you happy.

Let's see just how quick you can be!

For those needing something active to get their bodies and brains alive and kicking then join in with the Body Boogie song below.

     Handwriting challenge:

Do you know Ladybirds, this is not only our last zig-zag letter but it is also the very last letter we need to learn how to handwrite. We have gone through every letter of the alphabet. Phew! Were there some letters that you found easy to write? Which were the tricky ones?

Don't worry because we will go through them all again- next time they may not seem so tricky!

Today's letter is 'z'.

Watch the Sky Writer jet ( make the letter for you. Look again at how straight those zig-zag lines are. Try to keep your lines straight too.

Now your turn Ladybirds. Get your 'pinchy-pen' fingers ready.

"Go up to the top and zig across........then zag back down and along the line".

     Mental maths challenge:


You could play the Funky Mummy game and practise adding numbers to 10. Click on the image above and select '+ to 10' from the menu screen...

...or maybe you want to join Bitz and Bob (from Cbeebies) on an engineering adventure. You will need lots of your maths skills to help them on the way. Click below to join in.


Please take time to go through your sounds and tricky words and to log into Bug Club and share a book.

On Fridays I like you to choose any of your favourite games that help you to learn or use your sounds and tricky words. We have tried out many games over the past weeks so you may already have one you know you want to do.

Sites that we frequently use at school include: (they are offering free access to ALL their games during lockdown)


On each site you can select games from either Phase 2 or Phase 3. Have fun exploring.

Have you tried these games yet?

Yes/No Yeti is a Phase 3 game from Phonics Bloom.

Match cards is a Phase 2 game from Phonics Bloom.

A big thumbs up from me for all your amazing hard work this week Ladybirds.

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you again next week!

Mrs Chapman

Thursday 28th January 2021


Good Morning Ladybirds. How are you feeling today? Choose the emoji that best matches you.

Did you know that exercise can help boost your mood? So if you are feeling a little sad or fed up or tired why not join in with today's wake and shake? It will definitely make you smile!

Have fun Ladybirds with today's challenges.

      Handwriting challenge:

Back to our 'zig-zag' family of letters today Ladybirds. So far we have learned how to form 'v' and 'w'. Today's letter is 'x'. 

Normally I would say to you to watch the Sky Writer jet form the letter first but sadly the jet makes the letter 'x' in a slightly different way to the way we do it at All Souls. There is nothing wrong with the way Sky Writer makes 'x' but the way we do it at All Souls means that the lead out line we finish with is in the right place ready to join on to the next letter.

To make 'x' we first go "up to the top and zig back down" (this is just like the start of v and w)

"now take your pencil off and move back along the line"

"zag back up and lead off at the top"

It is a tricky one Ladybirds so don't panic if it looks a little wobbly at first! Just have a try.

       Mental maths challenge:

How well have you been getting on with finding ways of making 6, 7 and 8 this week Ladybirds?

Today's game is a memory game which will help you continue to see these numbers in different ways. It comes from the White Rose website. A printable version can be found at the bottom of the page. Cut out the cards and place them face down. Turn over 2 cards to see if the numbers match.

If you don't have a printer simply match the pictures above or you can make your own game cards showing 6, 7 and 8 in all sorts of ways. How quickly can you recognise each pair?


As always go through all the sounds and tricky words we have learned so far. You will find the sound mats for Phase 2 and 3 along with tricky word cards at the bottom of the page. Have you tried a treasure hunt game yet as a fun way to practise your tricky words? Just ask a grown up to hide the tricky words around the room then get hunting! How many can you find and read in 2 minutes?

Yesterday we introduced our first trigraph. Do you remember a trigraph is a sound made of 3 letters?


If you need a little reminder why not watch our Bite-size and Simply Phonics videos again:


Now play our Superhero Phonics game. A pdf version can be found at the bottom of the page. You will need a counter and a die. Roll the die and move that many spaces. If you land on a square with a sentence, use your super sounding out skills to read it all by yourself. Look out for those 'igh' words! If you land on a superhero then move to the square the superhero is flying to. Can you make it to the finish? Good luck superheroes!

Yes Ladybirds- you did it! Challenges complete!

See you again tomorrow!

Mrs Chapman

Wednesday 27th January 2021


Happy Wednesday Ladybirds!

I know you are keeping super busy with all your lockdown learning at home but here is a really lovely activity that Joel and his mum wanted to share with you. Joel has made a bird feeder ready for his bird watch this weekend. Take a look...

Here are Joel's instructions on how to make it:

You will need a toilet roll tube, some peanut butter (or jam), some bird seed and a piece of string (to hang your bird feeder up). Spread the peanut butter onto  the bottom half of your tube then sprinkle the bird seed on. Joel decorated his tube to look like an owl but of course you could create any bird. 

I think the birds are going to be flocking to Joel's garden to enjoy this scrummy treat. Why don't you have a go too?

Parents/Carers:  It is wonderful that so many of you are passing on suggestions of websites, games and activities that you feel may be useful to other parents during this time. Thank you! If you have an instagram account recommendations have been given to follow 'playhooray' and '5 minute mum'. If you don't have an account you can simply go to their websites to access lots of ideas and activities to try out with your children.

playhooray even has it's own 'lockdown hub':

5 minute mum has oodles of 5 minute activities for busy mums:

If you have any other sites to share do keep me posted and I will add them to our page.


Ready for a workout Ladybirds?

Joe Wicks will be taking you through another P.E. lesson again today at 9am or why not do the HITT workout we tried the other week?

I think you must be feeling warmed up after that workout!

Are you raring to get going Ladybirds? 3...2...1...GO!

    Handwriting challenge:

A break from our zig-zag letters today for another game of Number Knockout!

We should now be able to form all of the digits that we need to write any number from 1 up to 1 million!

Remember, you can visit the Communication 4 All website to find the rhymes we use to help us when writing our numbers down. Click on the image below to find them...

Now you are ready to play. Ask an adult to call out a number for you to write down- use a pencil and paper, whiteboard and pen or even your tablet. After each number check to see if your number matches the ones on the cards above. If you have written the number back to front, upside down or if it is not very easy to see then you have been knocked out- but if you can stay in the game for 4 rounds you are a winner- whoop whoop!

How many numbers can you write now Ladybirds? Can you write numbers bigger than 10? Be careful to get each digit the right way around e.g. The number twelve has a '1' first then a '2'. If you swap these digits around you get a completely different number- 21!

     Mental maths challenge:

This week in our maths learning we have been exploring how we can make 6 and 7. Did you get dotty with the dominoes yesterday Ladybirds? Did you find lots of ways to make 7?

This Numberblock episode may help you...

Why not explore ways of making the number 8 today? You could use the activity from the White Rose website shown below (a printable version is at the bottom of the page) or why not make your own ladybird? Cut out 8 black spots to put on your ladybird's back. Try out different ways of placing the spots on your ladybird- maybe 7 spots on one side and 1 spot on the other. 7 and 1 makes 8. 

Don't forget 'Save the Whale' is another game to play to help you to learn your numberbonds. Use the arrows to change the target number to '8' then select the pipe needed to make 8 altogether. Click the wheel to see if you are correct and can free the whale!


Today's new sound is not a 'digraph' but a 'trigraph'. A trigraph is a sound made up of 3 letters.

"3 letters, 1 sound"

Our new sound is 'igh'

The Jolly Phonics action for this sound is as follows...

Watch the clips from BBC Bite-size and Simply Phonics to help you say and read words with the 'igh' sound.


Now play the blending bingo game below. There are two versions of the game to choose from- 'igh' or simple 'cvc' words. (A pdf copy to print off can be found at the bottom of the page).

Cut out the word cards, give them a shuffle and place them face down in a pile.

Turn over the top card. Sound out and blend the sounds together to read the word. If it matches one of the pictures on your bingo board place it on top. Keep reading the words and matching them to the pictures. When all the pictures have been covered shout 'BINGO!'


Don't worry if it takes a little while to get used to our new sounds Ladybirds. We will be going over them again and again. You will soon pick them up!

Now, go and find a loo roll and feed those birds!

See you tomorrow Ladybird Learners.

Mrs Chapman

Tuesday 26th January 2021


Brrrrr! It certainly was a chilly day yesterday wasn't it Ladybirds? Mrs Chapman was slipping and sliding when she took her dog for a walk. Hopefully the sun will shine and the warmer weather will head our way for the rest of the week.

Mrs Harvey in KS1 has had a busy week. Not only has she sent over some home support for continuing P.E. at home but she has also found some lovely ideas for supporting our well-being during this challenging time.

Parents/ Carers: At the bottom of the page there is an attachment 'Top Tips for Creating a Healthy Learning Environment' which comes from The Contented Child. Please take a look if you feel this would be useful for you- there is a section for Parental Wellbeing too which is worth a glance even if the only thing you take away is to "be kind to yourself". We appreciate all that you are doing in supporting your children at home and do understand that home schooling is not always easy. Remember, if you need to get in touch for support or advice then do email me: and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

For a well being activity this week why not try out the 'Wellbeing Jar' below. A pdf copy can be found at the bottom of the page. Keeping your jar topped up with wellbeing marbles will give you a wellbeing boost!

Time for a wake and shake activity Ladybirds. Today, we are ghostbusting again!

Did you join in Ladybirds or were you hiding behind the sofa? 

On with today's challenges!

     Handwriting challenge:

Yesterday we started learning our 'zig-zag' family of letters. If you did well with 'v' yesterday then today's letter will be super easy! Today's letter is 'w'.

If you look carefully it looks like 'v' and 'v' have been glued together to make 'w'!

"Go up to the top then...zig and zag...zig and zag...and lead off at the top."

Remember to keep those zigs and zags nice and straight.

Here's the Sky Writer jet (ict-games) to show you how...

How will you make your handwriting letter today Ladybirds? In paint, in sand, in glitter? The more we practise these letters the easier they get- I promise!

    Mental maths challenge:

Do you remember our 'floor is lava' game we use for our maths counting Ladybirds?

In our version of the game we count down from different numbers. When we get to 'zero' we shout 'The Floor is Lava!' and then have to quickly get our feet off the ground!

Note for parents/carers: At this stage we are looking to be able to count down from 10 as this can help when we need to count back and solve subtraction problems. However, there is nothing to say you can't start at different numbers so maybe start at a lower number if needed or even from 20 if your child is confident in counting back from 10.

A song we like to join in with in school is this one from Have Fun Teaching. (click image to play)

Hope you managed to stay out of the lava Ladybirds!


Yesterday we learned a new digraph from our Phase 3 sound mat: 'ee'

If you need a reminder of this sound then do watch the videos from BBC Bite-size and Little Learners...


Today we will see if we can spot 'ee' words within sentences. You may already have spotted some in your reading books.

In today's activity you need to read each question and decide if the answer is 'yes' or 'no'.

(Activity 1 is based on 'ee' words. Activity 2 is based on simple words with Phase 2 sounds. A pdf version of both activities can be found at the bottom of the page)

Great stuff Ladybirds! You are truly amazing!

See you again tomorrow.

Mrs Chapman

Monday 25th January 2021


How was your weekend Ladybirds? Did you do something a little bit different - maybe you built a den out of cushions and blankets or had a walk on the beach? Maybe you did a spot of cooking or turned your front room into a cinema! It's always good to see you back here again Ladybirds and believe it or not we are now beginning week 4 of Home School. 

As usual, throughout the week we would like you to do the daily quick challenges below and choose one or two activities to try out each day from the Home Learning Activity Grid. You can find the grid at the bottom of the page or by clicking on Home Learning- Term 3 from the menu on the right.


If we were in school we would complete each of the activities within the grid so please try to do as many as you can. However, if you are finding it tricky to do all of them then do try to focus more on the maths and literacy ones.

Calling All Lively Ladybirds!

Mrs Harvey has compiled some useful P.E. resources for you to access this area of the curriculum whilst you are at home. Mrs Harvey is also setting a 'Personal Challenge' for all of us in Ladybirds with a chance to win a medal! Find out what to do, along with information about how to join the 'Shepway Shark Shakers', by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!

If you are bursting to get moving already don't forget to join Joe Wicks at 9am this morning or jump on board and join in with the pirates by clicking on the image below- Aarrrrhh!

Ok Ladybirds. Here are the challenges for today. Ready...set...GO!

    Handwriting challenge:

This week we are going to be exploring our final set of letters- the 'zig-zag' family. Today's letter is 'v'.

Zig-zag letters are made up of straight lines but we begin with a lead-in line first. Watch the Sky Writer jet (ict-games) show you how it's done. (remember to click 'cursive' before selecting your letter)

"Go up to the top then...zig and zag...and lead off at the top."

Click on the image below to use the Writing Repeater tool from ict-games and see how you get on. Over to you Ladybirds!

    Mental maths challenge:

To help with our maths activities this week let's explore different numbers on a 10-frame. 

We have used 5-frames before in school. If you look carefully the 10-frame is just two 5-frames put together! 5 and 5 makes 10.

Make yourself a 10-frame to use with our maths activities this week or print off the one attached at the bottom of the page. Find small objects -buttons, counters, sticks, shells, lego bricks etc to use to make different numbers on your 10-frame. How can you make 8? 6? 10? 9? 7?

Parents/ Carers: when filling up the frame we fill up a row of 5 first before moving onto the second row. This way the children will begin to see how 6 is 5 and1, 7 is 5 and 2, 8 is 5 and 3 etc..

There is a great game on the NCTM website where you can explore a variety of games with a 10-frame. Click below to try them out...


Please go through all your sounds and tricky words so far Ladybirds. The sound mats and tricky word cards for both Phase 2 and Phase 3 can be found at the bottom of the page or of course you can use your Metal Mike or the online games we have played before to help you learn them.

Our new Phase 3 sound for today is the digraph 'ee'.

The Jolly Phonics action for this sound is as follows:

Watch the clips from BBC Bite-size and Little Learners to help you begin to recognise this new sound.


Now play the pairs game below. You will find a printable version at the bottom of the page. Choose which set of 'pairs' cards to play with - those with 'ee' words or 'cvc' words (for those on Phase 2).

Cut along the lines to make your set of cards. Shuffle the cards and spread them out face down. Turn over 2 cards. When you turn over a word card- sound out each letter and blend to read the word. If you turn over a word card and picture card that match, you score 1 point. Can you find all the pairs to score 6 points?

If you don't have a printer simply see if you can match each word to the picture.

Great job Ladybirds! Another great start to our week. 
A high-five is heading your way!

See you tomorrow Ladybird Learners.

Mrs Chapman