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Home School- Week 3

Friday 22nd January 2021


Wow Ladybirds, it's Friday already!

Friday should be a fun day so make sure you get to do something fun or play with your favourite toys alongside your learning for today.

Before I forget there is another fabulous story character for you to guess in our 'Guess who?' game- you will find it in 'Home School Pictures' on the right hand menu. Look who our princess is!

Time to get funky this morning with a song from 'The Learning Station'.

Click below to join in!

Ok Ladybirds- time to shine! See how you get on with our quick challenges today.

      Handwriting challenge:

Today's letter is another small one- the letter 'u'.

It's a nice easy one to do as we really just need to go 'up and down'- like we do when we make the letter 'i'.

Remember to start with your pencil on the line:

"Go up and down, move along the line, then up and down again."

You can always watch the Sky Writer jet from ict-games make the letter for you before you have a go all by yourself. (click on the image below)

I have so enjoyed seeing your handwriting efforts you have been sending in for the gallery. You are really trying hard to keep your letters small and neat. Fantastic job Ladybirds!

    Mental maths challenge:

Today's challenge is a 'number balance' game but let's start with an adventure with the Numberblocks.

Click below to watch the episode: Numberblock Castle from BBC iPlayer. Watch carefully as the Numberblocks could help you with today's challenge.

The Numberblocks are having fun playing with the balance scales.

Now try this one!

You are getting quick at spotting those number bonds. Great job Ladybirds!


Remember to spend some time going through your sounds and tricky words today and to log into Bug Club but then play one or two of your favourite phonic games. You could log onto the Letters and Sounds site, Phonics Play or Phonics Bloom or of course you can always invent your own games to play at home.

Spooky phonics from ict-games is a nice way to learn our new Phase 3 digraphs. Click below to play.

Phonics Play are offering free access to all their games at this time- no need to subscribe. Simply use the username jan21 and password home to log onto the site. There are games and even comics to read to support with practising all our new sounds.

Click below to log in and see what's on offer:

Well that's it for another week Ladybirds. Wishing you a really lovely weekend!

See you again on Monday.

Mrs Chapman

Thursday 21st January 2021


Morning Ladybirds. How about a fairytale joke to start the day with?

"What's beautiful, grey and wears glass slippers?"


Do you get it? Hee, hee, hee!

Time to get us ready for another day's learning so on your feet and join in with The Sid Shuffle. Click below and get ready to boogie!

Nice moves Ladybirds!

We have our first Ladybird 'Guess who?' clue in our new Gallery. Simply click on 'Home School Pictures' to see if you can work out who our story character is - and maybe who is dressed up!

Right Ladybirds, on with the day...

      Handwriting challenge:

Today's letter is a small one. It might even be in your name! It's the letter 'e'.

Watch the Sky Writer jet (ict-games) show you how to form this letter. We will be looping the loop again!

"Zoom up into the air then loop back around".

Do you think you can have a go now? 

How are we doing with writing our name in our beautiful handwriting letters Ladybirds?

Here's Mrs Chapman's attempt at writing her name carefully...

Why not click on the image above to try and write your name with the Writing Repeater tool from ict-games? 

     Mental maths challenge:

Did you enjoy being a human balance scale in our maths sessions this week Ladybirds? Today I have a problem solving game for you to try out. Can you help the camel find his toys by using the pan balance?

You will need to do some careful thinking! If the pan goes 'down', what does that mean?

Click on the image below to try out the game from the TopMarks site.

How did you do? Did you find the hidden toys? Great stuff!


Please spend some time going through all our sounds and tricky words- especially those new Phase 3 digraphs. The more you go through them the quicker you will learn them. Don't forget you can play lots of games to help you become familiar with these sounds- you could play a 'snap' or 'pairs' game with our new sounds or maybe use your Metal Mike robot to gobble the sounds you know. You can also use the Flashcard game from Phonics Bloom to read the new sounds on the pirate's ship. Click below to try it:

Yesterday we introduced a new digraph- 'ai' and read some words with the 'ai' digraph in them.

Today we will try and write some words with 'ai'.


if you need a reminder of our new digraph you could watch our BBC Bite-size and Simply Phonics videos from yesterday:


Look at the pictures below (choose Activity 2 for those learning Phase 2 sounds). Say each word nice and clearly so that you can hear the sounds. Can you spot the 'ai' sound? Write down the sounds you hear to spell each word. As we are really starting to get to grips with sentence writing now Ladybirds can you write a sentence to match the picture at the bottom of the sheet?

Parents/Carers: I have given a suggested sentence for children to attempt to write independently. A pdf version of the activity, to print out if wanted, can be found at the bottom of the page.

Fantastic work Ladybirds. Keep smiling and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Mrs Chapman

Wednesday 20th January 2021


Hello again Ladybirds- it's good to see you!

Thank you for all the fantastic pictures that have been coming in this week. If you haven't seen them do take a peek in our 'Home School Pictures' gallery. You will find it on the menu to the right of this page.

The smiles tell me just how much you are enjoying your learning and I have been super impressed with what you have been doing. Keep up the amazing work!

It's Wednesday so of course feel free to join in with Joe Wicks' P.E. lesson on his YouTube channel or why not follow Moovlee Monkey and learn some Kung Fu moves by clicking on the image below...

Excellent job Ladybirds!

Have you decided which activities you will choose from the Learning Grid today or which book you will read from Bug Club? If you are undecided then maybe do these quick challenges first...

    Handwriting challenge:

Today is a brand new letter. The letter 's'. This letter starts just like our curly 'c' letter because we start on the line and go "up to the top of the hill".

"Up to the top of the hill- then slide back down". As you 'slide' you need to move your pencil one way, then the other, then back again.

Watch the Sky Writer jet (ict-games) show you how it's done. Look carefully as the jet 'slides' back down. Don't forget when you are at the bottom to make a 'lead out' line to finish.

Now it's your turn. Click below to use the Writing Repeater tool from ict-games if you wish.

Parents/ Carers: The tricky part of this letter is remembering to slide back along the initial line made before curving the line around and back again. Please support your child to get the hang of this tricky movement by encouraging them to trace their finger along the letter shape below.

      Mental maths challenge:

Have you ever played the game 'Whack a mole' before Ladybirds? Here is one you can play on the computer. It's really a counting game but it is good fun. When you click on the image to go to the site ask a grown-up to set up the game just for you. Your job is to 'whack' the creatures as they pop up but making sure that you 'whack' them in the correct order. Don't worry none of the creatures will get hurt!

Parents/ Carers: You can increase the difficulty of this game by using the sliders to the left and right of the screen. The default game is to count forwards in ones starting from one. This may be the game you wish to play first. The sliders on the left can be altered so that the children can count in different steps e.g. counting in 2s or 10s (or whatever you wish) and to select a number to start from.

The slider on the right is for you to choose whether the count goes forwards or back. Forwards is easier!


A new digraph today Ladybirds. Next on our sound mat is 'ai'. The Jolly Phonics action for this new sound is as follows:

As usual we can watch a couple of clips to help us hear and begin to recognise this digraph in different words. Here are clips from BBC BIte-size and Simply Phonics by Mister Teach...


Now see if you can play our game of phonic dominoes Ladybirds.  Ask a grown-up to print out and cut up the 6 dominoes from below. (A pdf copy is at the bottom of the page along with an alternative version of the game for those learning Phase 2 sounds)

Shuffle the dominoes then find the 'ai' domino to start with. Read the word on the other side of the domino. Look carefully for the 'ai' digraph. When you have blended the sounds together find the picture that matches the word you have read. Continue reading the words and matching the pictures. If you have matched them all correctly you should finish with the smiley face! Good job Ladybirds!

Don't forget to look out for all our new digraphs as you are out and about or when you are reading your books.

Have a wonderful day Ladybirds and I will see you again tomorrow.

Mrs Chapman

Tuesday 19th January 2021


Hello Ladybirds. It is always nice to see you! I hope you are enjoying your Home Learning Activities this week- whether you have dressed up as one of your favourite characters in our 'Guess Who?' game, practised your keepie-uppie skills, made a floating raft for the Billy Goats Gruff or explored 'heavy' and 'light' with the balance scales, don't forget to share it with us. We do love to see what you are up to!

Mrs Chapman's favourite wake and shake activity for you today Ladybirds. Enjoy!

Great moves Ladybirds! Now we're ready for whatever the day brings.

   Handwriting challenge:

It's our very last letter with a 'tail' today Ladybirds but a warning- it's really tricky -so it's one you will want to come back and practice quite a few times. 

Today's letter is: 'f'

Watch the Sky Writer jet show you how to form this letter by clicking on the link below.

If you've got your 'pinchy-pen' fingers ready have a go yourself. Remember to start with your pencil on the line. We are going to pretend to be an acrobatic aeroplane that loves to 'loop the loop'.

"Go up into the air and loop back around. Now down, down, down and loop back up."

If it helps, use your finger to trace the movements over Mrs Chapman's letters below. When you feel happy try to write one or two letters all by yourself.

Well done Ladybirds- it isn't an easy letter to do. I hope you didn't get dizzy with all those loop the loops!

     Mental maths challenge:

Do you remember our 'odd one out' games Ladybirds?

Look at the set below. The rule for this set is 'Things with wheels'. Can you see which object in the set doesn't follow the rule? Which is the odd one out?

Now look at this new set. Again one object in my set does not belong there. It doesn't follow 'the rule'.

Can you say which object is the odd one out and why? What is Mrs Chapman's rule for this set?

Why not try to make your own 'odd one out' game using the things you have at home. Can someone in your family say which is the odd one out and why? Can they discover your 'rule'?


As always make time to go through all your sounds and tricky words. Find copies of these at the bottom of the page.

Yesterday we introduced a new sound. The digraph 'ng'. Remember a digraph is a sound made up of 2 letters. "Two letters, one sound".

If you need to remind yourself of the 'ng' sound you can watch the clips from Monday's phonics session:


How many 'ng' words on this poster can you read?

Today we will see if we can write words with our new digraph in them. Look at the pictures below. Say each word nice and slowly so that you can hear all the sounds in the word. Can you hear where the 'ng' sound goes? Is it at the beginning, middle or end? Write down the sounds you hear to spell each word.

A pdf copy to print out can be found at the bottom of the page.

(Activity 2 is a similar spelling activity but for those still focusing on their Phase 2 sounds).

For an additional challenge: Choose one 'ng' word and turn it into a sentence.

Another fab day of learning Ladybirds. Your brains are on fire!

Mrs Chapman

Monday 18th January 2021


Good Morning Ladybirds! I hope you managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine yesterday. 

Did you know that today is 'Winnie the Pooh' day?

The creator of this cuddly and loveable bear, A.A. Milne, was born on the 18th January 1882.

It made me think of the 'snow song' sung by Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. I used to sing this over and over when I was a little girl!

It comes from the book 'The House at Pooh Corner'.

"The more it SNOWS (tiddely pom),

the more it GOES (tiddely pom),

the more it GOES (tiddely pom)

on snowing.

And nobody KNOWS (tiddely pom),

how cold my TOES (tiddely pom)

how cold my TOES (tiddely pom)

are growing!"

Do you have a favourite Winnie the Pooh story? Why not share it with someone today.


If you need a wake and shake activity for today don't forget Joe Wicks is doing live P.E. lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.

Click on the image above to join in the fun.

Time to get started Ladybirds!

Don't forget the new Home Learning Activity Grid can be found in 'Home Learning - Term 3' on the right hand menu or a copy is attached at the bottom of this page. Try to do as many of the activities as you can to help keep your learning on track. Focus on the maths and literacy activities if you are finding it tricky fitting everything in!

Have fun with all the challenges you do.

Parents/ Carers: If you have any questions or want to send pictures to go onto our class gallery please do get in contact with me:

    Handwriting challenge:

We are continuing with our family of letters with 'tails' again this week. So far we have learned how to write 'g', 'p', 'j' and 'y' in the cursive style. Today's letter is 'q' and like 'p' the tail on this letter is straight.

Watch the Sky Writer jet from ict-games create the letter for you first. Click the image to go to the site. Remember to select 'cursive' before clicking on the letter.

Now over to you. Have a go at forming the 'q' letter. Remember to start on the line.

Go "up to the top of the hill, then curl back around". Sprinkle on the magic! "Then up and down below the line and finish with a flick!"

Click on the image above to write your letters with the Writing Repeater tool from ict-games or simply grab your favourite pen!

Parents/Carers: The cursive style can be quite challenging to get to grips with. Support your child to write just one line of letters really well in the cursive style. 

    Mental maths challenge:

It's always nice to start the week with a counting game. Start by counting up to 10/20 saying the names in order. Be careful with those 'teen' numbers- say them clearly!

Use a soft ball or rolled up pair of socks to count as you practise your ball skills.

You could throw the ball up in the air and catch- count to 10/20 as you do this.

You could see if you can bounce the ball as you count or maybe pass the ball around your back or under your legs?

For those who are super smart at counting to 20 and need a little more challenge:

You could count in 2s to 20 or even count back from 20 to 1.



Go through all your sounds and tricky words as usual Ladybirds. You will find both Phase 2 and Phase 3 sound mats and tricky word cards at the bottom of the page.

Don't forget to make use of the Help A Hedgehog game from ict-games to help you with your tricky words. We enjoy using this at school.

Click on 'I'll enter my own words' then simply type in each tricky word you are currently practising. Click 'done' when ready and start playing. How many words can you read before the timer runs out?

Time for a new Phase 3 sound today.


The Jolly Phonics action for this sound is as follows:           

Watch the clips below from BBC Bitesize and Little Learners.


It's a reading day today. Read the 'ng' words to help the Billy Goats across the bridge. Now read the sentences underneath. Which tricky words can you see?

For those children who are learning their Phase 2 sounds- try Activity 2 instead.

(a pdf version of the activity can be found below)


Enjoy the rest of your day Ladybirds but please do make sure you check in with Bug Club and explore the books in there. 

Catch you tomorrow super stars!

Mrs Chapman