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Home School- Term 4 week 2

Friday 5th March 2021


It's official...We made it to the last day of Home School! Everyone give a cheer!

Mrs Hughes and I think your grown-ups have done a fabulous job being your teachers over the past weeks but we are missing you all so much and will be very happy to take over again on Monday!

We are super excited to be welcoming you back and hope you are looking forward to coming back too. Back to being with your friends, back to sharing stories and smiles, back to exploring and trying new things, back to 'catching the learning bug' and of course... back to big choosing!

Mrs Hughes and I have been busy setting up lots of areas for you to explore this term in Big Choosing...maybe you will want to get busy with the bricks and cement mixer in the Builder's Yard and build yourself a house? Perhaps you would rather hang out with the fairies in the Fairy Garden, look after the dinosaurs in their swampy world or dig for fossils in the Palaeontology Lab? You might even want to create potions in the Potion Lab or spend time in the Potting Shed and grow some plants!

What will you choose I wonder?

Ready for a wake and shake this morning Ladybirds? You choose which one you do today by clicking on one of the images below...


Here we go with our quick challenges...for the very last time!

     Handwriting challenge:

For our final handwriting choose!

You could use your lovely handwriting letters to practise writing your name or your tricky words or you could use this time to practise your number formation ready to play 'number knockout' this term.

Don't forget you can click on the images below to get to the Sky Writer tool from ict-games for help with letter formation (remember to select 'cursive') and the number formation rhyme cards from the Communication 4 All website:


     Mental maths challenge:

You have probably guessed what I am going to choose which challenge you want to do today.

There is a game to play to help you with your adding skills, a money game and 

Click on the image above to play 'Pop n Drop' from ict-games. Select 'Make 10' from the main menu then follow the instructions to select numbers that make 10 altogether. It's a great game for spotting those number bonds but you can also make 10 by adding more than two numbers together, for example 2 + 4 + 4. It's a tricky one but find the groups of 10 and watch the numbers drop and disappear!

Click on the image above to play 'Pay for It' from ict-games. Select the 'paying game' then 'pay up to 10p'. Scan each item to find the cost then use the coins to pay for it. You could just use penny coins but can you use the 5p and 2p coins too when making each total?

Click on the image above to play 'Helicopter Rescue' from the TopMarks site. Select 'Find a number in between 1 and 20'. Think carefully as you listen to the instructions so that you select the correct number and rescue the people. 


After you have gone through your sounds and tricky words just one last choice to make today. Play a phonics game of your choice.

You know by now which sites we tend to use when playing a game at school:

ict-games (literacy)

phonics bloom

phonics play

letters and sounds

so click above if you know which site has your favourite game. If you can't decide why not select from one of these games below...

 Tell a T-Rex (ict-games)- select which sounds to include.

 Phonics Frog (phonics bloom)- select which sounds to use.

 Buried Treasure (phonics play)- choose which sounds to include.


Did you enjoy the games you chose Ladybirds? Time to switch off now and go and do something a bit different... go out for a walk or runaround, get messy in the kitchen, create something artistic or share a book or two.

Have a fabulous weekend Ladybirds and I will see you all in school on Monday when I think you will find something a little unexpected in our's large and round and needs to be handled ever so carefully because it is super fragile. I'll keep you guessing!

Well done Ladybirds. You and your grown-ups are all superstars!

Mrs Chapman

Thursday 4th March 2021


Good Morning Ladybirds! It is World Book Day today so instead of our daily challenges why not head on over to the World Book Day website and try out some of the activities on there? There are stories to listen to, games to play and lots of ideas of fun things to do. Click on the image below to go to the site:

World Book Day

Mrs Andrews and Mrs Higgins have also put together a collection of activities that you may wish to try out today:

(A pdf version can be found at the bottom of the page.)

Whatever activities you get up to this World Book Day have lots of fun and do send in photos to share with us.

See you tomorrow for our very last day of Home School!

Mrs Chapman

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Hello again Ladybirds! I hope you have been enjoying trying out some of the Spring-time activities this week. It's lovely to spot signs that the world is beginning to burst into life once more.

Take a mindfulness moment today. Maybe you could go on a mindfulness walk?

The idea is, as you walk, focus on each of your senses in turn. Take time to really explore the things you hear, see, smell and touch (avoid eating anything unless you know it is truly edible!) and discuss how the different sensations make you feel e.g. happy, calm.

Another idea is to go on a 'rainbow' walk. Can you find things that match each of the rainbow colours in turn? (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) Use your senses to explore each object you find e.g. flower, sky, tree, post-box. Which was your favourite object? Can you say why it was?

Here we go with today's quick challenges...

     Handwriting challenge:

This week our letters are the 'tall' letter family. Here are the letters made using the Sky Writer tool from   ict-games.

If you have got your pinchy-pen grip you are ready to try out today's challenge.  Look at each picture and write the word, in your beautiful handwriting, to match. Don't forget to sound out really carefully! You can use the lines at the top to practise any letters you find a little tricky,

(A printable copy can be found at the bottom of the page under 'Wednesday's Handwriting Challenge')

    Mental maths challenge:

Time to sharpen up those target skills in today's maths challenge. First of all you need to make some targets and number them with numerals 10 and under (or under 20 for those who are super confident with the smaller numbers). Make your targets in any way you wish, for example you could make some numbered 'skittles' to knock down or maybe chalk out some shapes and number them or stick up some numbered targets on the wall. Any idea goes!

You will need a partner to play the game with you. Player one uses a beanbag, rolled up pair of socks, ball, water pistol, football (or whatever you have) to aim at and hit one of the numbered targets and call that number out. They then give an instruction to Player two to hit a target that is 'more than' or 'less than' their number.

For example, Player one hits target number '7' and gives the instruction 'more than 7' to Player two. Player two then has to hit a target that is more than 7 e.g 9.

Player two then starts a new game and gives instructions to Player one. 

This game supports this week's maths learning 'comparing numbers to 10'.


Oh Ladybirds, where was Mrs Chapman's head yesterday? I gave you an 'ow' activity when our new sound this week is 'oi'! So after you have practised all your sounds and tricky words have a go at the reading activity - it will have 'oi' sounds in I promise!

Cut out the dominoes (find a printable version at the bottom of the page along with an alternative game for those learning Phase 2+ sounds) and mix them up. Start with the 'oi' domino and read the sentence. Find the picture to match. Can you match up all the dominoes so that you finish with the smiley face?

Fabulous work Ladybirds. See you again tomorrow when it will be World Book Day!

Mrs Chapman

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Good morning Ladybirds! It's great to see you again. Have you been thinking about our return to school next week? When you come into class, do you remember the jobs you need to do to get yourself organised in the morning? Here's a reminder!

Coats and bags in the lockers.

Drinks by the sink.

Quarantine your reading book. 

New reading book and Reading Log book in your tray.

And to finish... Wash those hands.

Parents/ Carers: children will bring home a new reading book on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays please use Bug Club at home.

Don't forget your child will need to bring their water bottle to school every day. Please, please label your child's bottle as we have had a few mix-ups with identical and unnamed bottles in the past.

If you need a little help to get going this morning Ladybirds then join in with today's wake and shake:

Are you ready for your quick challenges now? Let's get to it!

     Handwriting challenge:

(click on image above for the Writing Repeater tool from ict-games)

This week we are looking back at our letter family with 'tails'. Please click on the image below to watch the Sky Writer jet (ict-games) show you how to write each letter.  Remember to click 'cursive' before you select each letter.

Today's challenge is to use your lovely handwriting letters to fill in the missing sounds in the words below. (A printable copy can be found at the bottom of the page- Tuesday's handwriting challenge)

     Mental maths challenge:

Jump on board the Mental Maths Train from the Top-Marks site today and continue to practise your counting back skills.

Click on the image below to play. From the main menu select the subtraction wagon and then select:

'Up to 10- one less'. Click on the correct number wagon that matches the answer.


Go through all your sounds and tricky words before you begin today's challenge. There are Phase 2 / 3 sound mats and tricky word cards at the bottom of the page if you need them but, of course, find fun ways to help you practise these. You must have some favourite ways of doing this by now!

Yesterday we discovered a new Phase 3 digraph- 'ow'. If you want to remind yourselves of our new sound please watch the clips below from BBC Bite-size and Simply Phonics.


Today's reading challenge is a picture match game. (You can find a pdf copy along with an alternative game for those children learning their Phase 2+ sounds at the bottom of the page- Tuesday's Phonics Challenge)

Great job Ladybirds. You are the bee's knees!

Mrs Chapman

Monday 1st March 2021


Happy Saint David's Day Ladybirds! Well, this is it- our very last week of Home School. Yippee! Mrs Hughes and I are busy this week getting our class ready for some dino fun this term. It is going to be ROARSOME!

Enjoy trying out our final quick challenges this week and do take a look at the new Home Learning Activity Grid at the bottom of the page. There are lots of Spring-time activities for you to try out including cloud watching or making a rain cloud and, as it is Saint David's Day today, maybe you want to try out some of the Wales activities too.

Whatever you get up to this week Ladybirds, have lots of fun and do get in touch to share your photos.

I am hearing that lots of you are pretty excited about coming back to school next week (and your grown-ups even more so) so let's start today with a smile and a boogie...

     Handwriting challenge:

This week we will look back at our family of letters with 'tails'. Remember, the tail part of the letter hangs down below the line.

Click on the images below to find the Sky Writer tool and Writing Repeater tool from ict-games to help you with your letter writing. Don't forget to click 'cursive' when using the Sky Writer tool so that the little red jet shows you the 'lead in' line.


Use pencils, pens, chalks, crayons, felt-tips or whatever you wish to create your letters with. If it is a nice day today, chalking your letters outdoors on a path would be great or if you have a paintbrush try out some water painting to make your letter shapes.

     Mental maths challenge:

We are starting this week with a count down challenge. To help you recall the numbers in order you could join in with the song '10 in the bed' from Super Simple Songs:

Now use the number cards you made last week (or use the ones at the bottom of the page) to see how quickly you can order your numbers from 10 to 1. Placing them in a line will help you to check the number pattern.

If you need to be active for your learning ask a grown-up to place the number cards randomly around the house/ garden. Can you tag each number in order starting at 10 and ending at 1?


Today we have a new Phase 3 sound. It's another digraph (2 letters, 1 sound).


The Jolly Phonics action for this sound is as follows:

Watch the clips from BBC Bite-size and Simply Phonics to help you begin to spot our new digraph in different words.


Now see if you can read the 'oi' words in the I Spy game below. Can you find the picture to match each word? (A pdf version along with an alternative game for those learning Phase 2+ sounds can be found at the bottom of the page under 'Monday's Phonic Activity)

Amazing work Ladybirds! See you again tomorrow.

Mrs Chapman