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Home School - Term 4 week 1

Friday 26th February 2021


Yippee! It's Friday already Ladybirds. The weekend will be here very soon.

Thank you for all the wonderful photos that have been coming in this week. It's great to see you are all still very busy with your learning. You should be super proud of yourselves! Did any of you try the butter making activity? Do you now have big muscles from all that shaking?

Let's start our Friday with some wake and shake time. Of course you can find your own favourite song to dance to or click on the image below to boogie with the Learning Station.

Let's boogie through our quick challenges today...

     Handwriting challenge:

A different challenge today. Can you use your lovely handwriting to write some of our tricky words? These ones include the 'tall' family of letters we have been practising this week.

Click on the image above to use the writing repeater tool from ict-games or grab some paper and use a favourite pen/ crayon/ felt tip. 

Super work Ladybirds!

       Mental maths challenge:

Here's a game for you to try today Ladybirds. Click on the image below (on the left) to have some fun with tangrams today with a game from A tangram is a Chinese puzzle. It is simply a square that has been cut into seven pieces which can then be used to create different pictures. If you want to make your own tangram pictures simply print off the tangram square attached at the bottom of the page.




Friday is fun-time Phonics so after practising your sounds and tricky words play a few of your favourite phonics games- these may be ones you have made yourself such as a fishing game or tiddly wink game to learn your tricky words or one of the many online games we have used throughout Home School. The websites we mainly use are... (literacy)

letters and sounds

phonics bloom

phonics play

There are plenty of games to choose from including...Rocket Rescue and Reading Robot from Phonics Play. To access these games you need to log on but it is currently free to do so. Click on the image below to go to the Phonics Play site and follow the instructions. These games are part of the Phase 3 collection.

If you haven't logged onto Bug Club this week Ladybirds maybe do so today.

Have a lovely weekend Ladybirds and I will catch up with you again on Monday for our very last week of Home School!

Mrs Chapman

Thursday 25th February 2021


Good Morning Ladybirds. How are you feeling today? Mrs Chapman and Mrs Hughes are really happy that we are all going to be back together in Ladybird Class very soon and we can't wait to see all your smiley faces. We hope you are feeling excited too but, because we haven't been in school for such a long time, you may have a few little worries about coming back to school.

We know talking about the things that make us feel worried can help us to feel better. Take some time over the next few days to talk to your grown-ups about how you are feeling about coming back to school and if there is anything that you are worried about.

Parents/Carers: Although life in school will be just the same as it was before lock-down, please do let me know if your child has any particular worries or concerns about coming back so that we can put the necessary support in place. (email:

Let's get up and moving this morning Ladybirds with a wake and shake activity. Click below to join in!

Now for today's quick challenges...

      Handwriting challenge:

Today we will practise our number formation. As always, click on the image below to find the rhymes we use in school to help us when writing each numeral to 10. They come from the Communication 4 All website:

The challenge today is to use your lovely number writing to make a set of number cards 1 to 10 ready to use next week in our maths activities. You can print off the templates below or why not make your own?

(There are 2 printable versions at the bottom of the page: blank cards for you to write your own numbers on or a set of number trace cards from Stay At Home Educator)

Keep them safe for next week!

     Mental maths challenge:

It's time for a BINGO! game today with our 2d shapes. Use the Bingo board below:

There are two different versions of the game so try the one that best fits the ability of your child.

1. For those children learning their shape names: Look for each of the shapes on things around the house. When you find one, shout out the shape name then cover the shape on the bingo board with a counter. Can you find things that match every shape on the board?

2. For those children who know their shapes: Use the shape property cards at the bottom of the page. Print off the cards, cut them up and place them face down in a pile. Take off the top card and ask a grown-up to read it out. Can you spot a shape on the Bingo board to match the card? Cover the shape with a counter. Place the card at the bottom of the pile and try the next card. How quickly can you cover all the shapes on the Bingo board?


Yesterday we introduced our new digraph 'ow'. If you want to you can watch the clips from BBC BIte-size and Simply Phonics by clicking on the links below:


AFter you have gone through all your sounds and tricky words try out the puzzle game below.

Can you match the puzzle pieces together so that the words match the correct picture?

You can find a pdf version of the game to print at the bottom of the page along with a game for those learning their Phase 2+ sounds.


Great work Ladybirds! See you again tomorrow.

Mrs Chapman

Wednesday 24th February 2021


Hello again Ladybird Learners. I hope you managed to get out and enjoy the lovely sunshine yesterday. Let's have a little moment of mindfulness this morning. Maybe start by joining in some underwater yoga with Moovlee Monkey (you will have to keep your balance with the swordfish pose and turtle pose!) or try some mindfulness colouring with some lovely pictures from Teaching Ideas (find printable copies at the bottom of the page).


Have a great day today Ladybirds. Well done for all those checking in regularly to Bug Club. I am adding new books for those who have completed all of their current level. Fantastic job!

Here we go with today's quick challenges...

    Handwriting challenge:

Here is our family of 'tall' letters again Ladybirds...

Today's challenge is to use your lovely handwriting when sounding out and spelling each of the words below. Remember to start each letter on the line so you begin with the 'lead in' line. Use the lines at the top to practise any letter before you start. A pdf copy can be found at the bottom of the page under 'Wednesday's handwriting activity'.

       Mental maths challenge:

Today's challenge will test your knowledge of coins as well as your adding skills!

Here are the coins I found in my piggy bank today. Which coins can you see?

Now comes the tricky bit! 

I put two of the coins in my hand. The total of my coins is 3p. Can you tell me which coins are in my hand?

Well done if you said "2p and 1p".

Try this one now...

I put two coins in my hand. The total of my coins is 4p. Which coins am I holding?

Well done if you said "2p and 2p"

Last one now...

I have two coins in my hand. The total of my coins is 6p. Which coins am I holding this time?

If you said "5p and 1p" you are correct! Great job Ladybirds!

Parents/ Carers: This game is even better with real coins so do rummage around to find a few to play with.


As always Ladybirds, go through all the sounds and tricky words we have learned so far.

Time for a new Phase 3 sound today- it's a digraph "two letters, one sound".


The Jolly Phonics action for this sound is as follows:

Watch the clips from BBC Bite-size and Simply Phonics to help you spot our new digraph in different words.


Time now to play our pirate treasure game. Sound out and blend to read the words on each of the coins. If the word is 'real' it belongs in the treasure box but if the word is 'nonsense' it belongs in the bin!

A pdf copy of the game, should you wish to print it off, along with a Phase 2 version of the game can be found at the bottom of the page.

Another day of challenges complete. What an amazing bunch you are!
See you tomorrow Ladybirds!

Mrs Chapman

Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Great news Ladybirds- we can now really start to look forward to coming back to school and being with our Ladybird friends again. Yippee!

This term our topic is 'Dinosaur Roar!'

We won't start our topic until we are back in school as we have a special activity to begin our topic with so until then we will be down on the farm this week and looking for signs of Spring next week.

If you need a wake and shake activity to get you going today Ladybirds join in with the Trolls:

Let's get started with today's quick challenges:

     Handwriting challenge:

This week's letters are our family of 'tall' letters. Feel free to use the Sky Writer tool and Writing Repeater tool by clicking on the images below. Both are from ict-games.


Now use those beautiful letters to write the missing letters in the words below. A pdf copy can be found at the bottom of the page.

     Mental maths challenge:

Try out the code breaker challenge today Ladybirds! Can you work out which numbers will crack the code to the safe? The answer can be found at the bottom of the page!


Yesterday we introduced a new digraph 'ur'. If you want to remind yourself of the new sound do watch the clips below from BBC Bite-size and Simply Phonics:


Today's challenge is a reading challenge. A pdf copy of the activity, along with an alternative activity for those learning their Phase 2 sounds can be found at the bottom of the page.

Great job Ladybirds! This shiny star is just for you!

Mrs Chapman

Monday 22nd February 2021

A very warm welcome back Ladybirds. We hope you and your grown-ups have had a lovely restful break and are ready for a new term and a new topic (details for our new topic will be shared tomorrow). Although we are beginning our new term with Home School, we should find out later today when it may be possible for us to return to school and be with our Ladybird friends again. I'm sure it won't be too long now!

Until then we will continue as we did last term. There will be quick challenges for you to try each day and then do look at the Home Learning Activity Grid for this week- you will find it attached at the bottom of the page. Try out as many activities as you can- this week we are down on the farm with the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. There is a great activity on making your own butter and a chance to try out some farmyard yoga! Don't forget to take time throughout the week to log onto Bug Club too.

Whatever you get up to do share your learning with us. Mrs Hughes and I love seeing your pictures in the gallery. Photos can be sent to

     Handwriting Challenge:

This week we will be going back over our family of 'tall' letters. These letters all begin the same way as the letter 'l'. "Go up and down the tall, tall ladder."

As always, click on the links below for the Sky Writer tool and Writing repeater tool from ict-games. Remember, when using the Sky Writer tool, to click on 'cursive' so you get the 'lead in' line.


 Look carefully at your fingers when you hold your pencil Ladybirds- have you got a 'pinchy-pen' grip? Fantastic! Now see if you can make each of our tall letters all on your own. Why not use different coloured pens and create some rainbow letters today?


     Mental maths challenge:

Our maths activities this week on the home learning grid are all about exploring numbers 9 and 10. Why not start today with watching our Number Block friends and welcome a new number block...number 9?

When you see number 9 in a 10 frame can you see how many empty spaces are left?

Now hold up 10 fingers. How many fingers will you need to put down to show 9 fingers altogether? 

Number blocks 4 and 9 discovered that their numbers both make a square shape. Do you remember that the sides on a square are all equal? The 3 rows and 3 columns of Number Block 9 reminded me of the grid used when playing noughts and crosses. Take a look... can you see the shape of number block 9?

Make yourself a noughts and crosses grid and play the game with a friend. One player is 'noughts' and the other 'crosses' (although you could choose other symbols or objects in your game). Take turns to place one of your objects onto the grid. If you get 3 of your objects in a line you win the game!

Good luck!


Use the sound mats and tricky word cards at the bottom of the page to go through all the sounds we have learned so far. Don't forget there are plenty of online games to help you become more familiar with these such as the Letters and Sounds site, Phonics Play and Phonics Bloom but of course you can create your own games too!

Time for another new Phase 3 sound today- it's a digraph (2 letters, 1 sound).


The Jolly phonics action for the new sound is as follows. It is the same action for another digraph that makes the same sound.

Watch the clips from BBC Bitesize and Little Learners to help you spot the new digraph in different words.


Now it's your turn. Look at the pictures below. Sound out and blend to read each of the 'ur' words below. Can you match the words to the correct pictures? (A pdf copy should you wish to print the game, along with an alternative game for those learning their phase 2+ sounds can be found at the bottom of the page)

Well done Ladybirds! If you'd like another game to play why not try the 'Pick a Picture' game from Phonicsplay? Select 'Phase 3 digraphs' to help you practise these new sounds.

What a great start for our first day back Ladybirds! Enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you again tomorrow.

Mrs Chapman