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Home Learning - Years 5 and 6 - W.B. 4th May 2020


Hello Everyone! This week's work is here for you. As per last week for English you need to work through the three learning packs throughout the week. If you are struggling, or just 'not feeling it' - you could try the 'Quick English' instead.

We  also added a science workbook last week. You can work through the whole book if you would like to, or use the relevant chapters to support the learning suggested on the grid.


Please make sure you are reading regularly, and once you have read a book, use the Accelerated Reader link to complete the quiz so that your teachers can see how you are doing.. Make sure you use the  specific web address, as this is unique to our school, and you will not be able to log in without it.


Remember, there are three 'Padlet' pages to send messages on: one for questions to us or each other, one for any positive messages and one for any jokes to keep our spirits up.

Please remember these message boards are for children only, all messages will need teacher approval before being posted. Don't worry if your post is not answered straight away - we will answer as soon as we can!

Make sure you remember to use your first name (and initial if you share your name with someone else) at the end of your message so we know who it is! 

Question page: 

Jokes of the Day: 

Messages to others: 

 Something Extra!


Did you know Hedgehog Awareness Week begins on the 3rd May!? If you have some spare time, you could do a bit of research on our special, spiky friends! We have a put a cheeky letter from Spike here for you to read, so you can see how you can help these lovely creatures. You could check out this website too!

If you create a hedgehog-friendly zone, why not send us picture!?