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Home Learning - Years 5 and 6 - W.B. 13th July 2020


It's the end of Term 6, and it is probably fair to say this year has been a bit chaotic. However, whilst there have been a goodly few 'downs', there have a lot of positives as well. As a community we have come together like never before - and it has been lovely seeing how well everyone has shown so much friendship and resilience in these difficult times. 

This is the last week we will see many on our wonderful Year 6 pupils - we have loved having you as part of school, and we will miss you all very much - good luck in all of your future endeavours, and enjoy everything that secondary school has to offer. You have been amazing, and will continue to be so!

Year 5 - we are looking forward to seeing you in September, ready for another fabulous year in UKS2. 

If you would like to be extra prepared for the year ahead, please check out the Summer Learning Challenge on the Home Learning Page. There will be prizes in Term 1 for 'most work completed'. 

Enjoy your summer everyone - best wishes from all your teachers.