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Home Learning - Ladybirds - Week 8

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


We made it Ladybirds! It's the last day of Term 5. Give us a "Yippee!"

After today it's the holidays. Time for a well deserved rest! (and for your grown-ups too!)

More lovely pictures in the home learning gallery. We know the 'thumbs up' means that you must have made it safely through the asteroid belt- Well done you!

Mrs Chapman has been busy too. I have finished my Elmer models. What do you think? Can you guess what they are made from?

Time for our final challenges of the term! 

      Today's handwriting challenge:

It's our letters with 'tails' today Ladybirds. Time to loop the loop!

If you want to watch the letters being formed on Sky Writer from ict-games please click below. Then have a go yourself! Remember to start each letter on the line. The 'tails' hang below.

Now you've got the hang of our lower case letters, can you match the capital letters below?

     Mental maths challenge:

Let's play Whack A Mole from ictgames. It's a counting game with a difference.

Use the sliders at the top left of the screen to select whether you want to count in 1s, 2s, 10s (or any number you like!)

Now get ready to whack those moles. I am counting in 2s. I whacked '2' then '4' then '6' then '8' then '10' and I've just whacked '12'. Which mole do I need to whack now?

If you are counting in 1s or 10s the numbers you need to whack will be different.

For those who want an even harder challenge- the slider on the right lets you choose to count 'backwards' too. Good luck!



Friday is fun-time phonics so today find your favourite phonics games to play. Has anyone invented their own game? We'd love you to share it!

Here are a couple of new games you may not have seen yet...

High Frequency Bingo from is another way of practising your tricky words.

Click on the pictures above to take you to the site. On the menu page click on the green bar to select a bingo card to play with- or write down 5 or 6 tricky words of your own choice!

Now select which Phase you want to play with- we are learning Phase 3 sounds and tricky words but I know some of you are learning your Phase 4 tricky words too.

Then get ready to play. Pull the lever and read the word that appears. If it is on your list cross it off. When you have crossed off all the words on your list shout BINGO!!!

 'Sentence Substitution' from PhonicsPlay lets you create some very silly sentences by swapping one word for another. Click on the picture above to play. Look at the sentence 'Mark fed the cat.' We can swap each word to make a different sentence. It could be 'Mark fed the moon.' or 'Mark hid the dog!' There are lots of different sentences to play with!


Time for us to say Goodbye until Term 6 Ladybirds!
Have a fantastic week off. Keep busy, have fun and we will see you soon!

(A note for parents/carers of Year R children who will be returning to school (when we are allowed) next term: I am currently making a little booklet for you to share with your child to help with the transition back to school. There will of course be lots of necessary changes in terms of our daily routines and in terms of what we can and cannot provide in terms of a play-based curriculum but we will do our best to continue to make their school experience a happy one. Please check back on the Ladybird Home Learning Page next week - I will upload the book as soon as possible.)

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Thursday 21st May 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


What a fantastic hot air balloon we have spotted in the Home Learning Gallery. You look very proud!

It has been super sunny over the last few days Ladybirds! Are you making the most of being outdoors? Try to take your learning outside if you can. Maybe some outdoor Ocean yoga? Yoga is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. Why not have a go?

There are ocean poses in the Home Learning Grid or click on the picture below to take part in the Cosmic Kids 'Under the Sea' yoga adventure with Jaime.

O.K. Ladybirds, if we are wide awake and ready to roll, lets go!

    Today's handwriting letter: 'l' family

Today we will practise all those letters that begin in the same way as the letter 'l'. "Up and down the tall, tall ladder."  Remember as always to start with your pencil on the line and finish with a lead out line.

Watch the letters being formed on Sky Writer from ict-games if you wish. They don't use a 'looped' k so follow the example below from Writing Repeater.


Can you recognise these letters when written as a capital? Maybe one of them is the capital letter you have at the beginning of your name?

       Mental maths challenge:

A domino challenge for you today Ladybirds. The total of each domino should equal 7. Can you add the right number of spots on each domino so that this is true?



Our new trigraph of the week is.....

Today is a writing day. Find today's activity at the link at the bottom of the page- Thursday's Phonic Activity. Say the word -stretch it out so that you can hear all the sounds. Write down the sounds you hear. Don't forget any digraphs or trigraphs!

There are two different activities to choose from. The first uses our new trigraph, the second uses single sounds and some initial Phase 3 digraphs.

Scroll down to find the Fairground Fun activity to finish off today's phonic challenge.


You are working so well Ladybirds. What an amazing bunch you are!

See you tomorrow for some more fun and games!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


It is lovely to see in the home learning gallery that you are enjoying your reading books and practising your super reading skills!

If you love stories you may want to visit the BookTrust website where there are lots of stories to listen to, games to play and activities to try. Click on the picture below to take you to the HomeTime Hub.


Let's make today a space themed day Ladybirds. Maybe you could make yourself an alien headband as you tackle today's activities!

Ready for blast off? 5...4....3....2....1.....let's go!

      Today's handwriting challenge:

It's a number knock-out challenge but with a difference.

As always, find something special to write your numbers with- remember it can be anything that makes a mark: chalk, felt-tips, using a stick in a tray of sand or shaving foam, a glittery pen or high-lighter.

Now you are ready to start. Instead of a grown-up calling out a number for you to write you decide if you are going to start from 10 or 20. We are going to do a count-down to launch the rocket into space.

Write down each number from 10 or 20 until you get to zero.

Now check to see if you have written all your numbers correctly- are any of your numbers back to front? Have you swapped the digits in your 'teen' numbers?

If all your numbers are correctly written you have achieved your mission and the rocket is ready to launch!

        Mental maths challenge:

Oh no Ladybirds! Our rocket is whizzing through space but there are asteroids heading our way! If we aren't careful they will destroy our ship!

To get safely through the asteroid belt solve the number sentence on each rock. Take care to look at the sign in each sentence to decide if you need to add or take away! You have 5 minutes!

Did you make it Ladybirds?


Time for some alien fun Ladybirds. If you have shared a reading book and have gone through all your sounds and tricky words, why not have a go at one of the alien games below....

Picnic on Pluto from ict-games asks you to read the alien 'snack' words and decide whether they are real or nonsense words before feeding the aliens. You can select Phase 2, 3 or 4 from the menu and choose specific graphemes to include in the game, including our new trigraph 'air'.

Alien Escape from Phonics Bloom invites you to help the alien reach his UFO. You have to rearrange the letters given to spell out the word that matches the picture shown.

Well done Ladybirds. You are out of this world!
See you again tomorrow
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


What a beautiful rainbow we've spotted in the Home Learning Gallery! Rainbows always put a smile on my face- what makes you smile I wonder?

What will you choose from the Home Learning Grid today? Maybe today is a good day to find out some fun facts about sea creatures.

Did you know....?

An octopus has 3 hearts!

Jellyfish have been on our planet longer than the dinosaurs!

Dolphins sleep with one eye open!

If you want to find out about some of the weird and wonderful creatures that live beneath our seas, like the Leafy Sea Dragon, you could visit the National Geographic Kids site. Just click on the picture below!

Time for our Tuesday challenges!

     Today's handwriting letter:  'i' family

Today we can practise all the letters that start in the same way as the letter 'i'. "Up and down and a dot at the top!"  Remember to begin with your pencil on the line and finish with a 'lead out' line.

If you need to watch any of the letters being formed before you have a go don't forget you can use the   Sky Writer tool from ict-games by clicking HERE.

Can you make the shapes of each capital letter too?


     Mental maths challenge:

It's a 2d shape challenge today.

Can you make a fish- with a body, fins and a tail using 2d shapes?

Talk about the shapes you have used and the properties of each shape- do the shapes have straight or curved sides? How many corners does each shape have? If that seems easy try this challenge...... Make a fish with 2d shapes BUT when you count the number of corners on your completed fish the total MUST be 10. Which shapes could you use?



Go through all your sounds and tricky words as usual Ladybirds. If you haven't used the Help a Hedgehog game for a while why not play it today? You could even start to learn your Phase 4 words if you think you know all your Phase 3 words.

From the game menu select 'I'll enter my own words thanks' and type in any Phase 2 or 3 words you need to practise (I, go, no, to, into, the, and, here, a, you, we, me, he, she, be, are, all, her, was, they, my).

Our new trigraph of the week is 'air' (as in 'stair')

Today's activity is a quick read activity. Find the link at the bottom of the page- Tuesday's Phonic Activity. Jump in the submarine and get ready to dive! Read each 'air' word or sentence until you reach the bottom of the ocean floor. Time yourself to see how quickly you can do it!

That's all for today Ladybirds. Have fun with whatever else you get up to today and we will see you again tomorrow. Keep smiling!

(Grown-ups: The new R.E. home learning has now been uploaded. Follow the R.E. Home Learning Link. This week's story is the story of Jacob and Esau.)

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Monday 18th May 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


Welcome to another week of Home School. It's the last week of the term Ladybirds then it will be time to enjoy a week off- Yay!

This week our 'Out and About' topic is going to take us deep under the ocean. Look for the Home Learning Grid link at the bottom of the page to discover lots of activities for you to try out. We saw some amazing home learning taking place last week - you have been so busy and creative! We can't wait to see what you get up to this week!

Try to do one or two of the Home Learning grid activities each day to go with the quick handwriting, mental maths and phonic challenges. Don't forget to choose a reading book from the e-books section of      Oxford Owl to share with a grown up too. Here are some suggestions for this week....


It has been lovely to see all the other things you have been doing whilst at home, whether going for walks, cooking, gardening and lots of craft activities too. What interesting things will you get up to today? Don't forget to add them to your timetable.

Ok Ladybirds....It's time to shine!

       Today's handwriting letter: 'c' family

Today we are going to practise writing all the letters that begin with a curly 'c' shape. Once we've made the 'c' we get to sprinkle on the magic!

Remember to always start with your pencil on the line and finish with a 'lead out' line.

Click on the letters above if you want to use the Writing Repeater tool from ict-games.

Can you write the capital letter for each of our lower case letters?

C  A  O  D  G

Why not try playing the Mouse House game below to help you recognise those capital letter shapes?


      Mental maths challenge:

It's a counting day today. To help us count carefully we usually put the objects we are counting in a straight line so that we don't miss any out. But.... what if we can't put the objects in a line? How can we count carefully now? You could 'mark off' each object you count with a pencil mark so you can see which ones you have and haven't counted. Maybe you have another idea?

Click on the link at the bottom of the page- Monday's maths challenge- to find our friend Rainbow Fish.

Count the coloured scales carefully and write down each total.

Now check your answers on the answer sheet. How careful was your counting? Choose the face that matches how good you think you were:

     Phonics: air

Our new sound this week is another tri-graph (3 letters, 1 sound)

   The sound is 'air' just like the air that we breathe.

Watch the clips from BBC Bitesize and Little Learners to help you learn to recognise and read words with our new sound.



Go on a phonic hunt to find things with an air sound in your house?

Can you find any others?


Fantastic work Ladybirds! Here's a high five heading your way!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn