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Home Learning - Ladybirds - Week 5


Friday 1st May 2020
Good Morning Ladybirds!


It's Friday. Fri-yay! That means the weekend is nearly here. It's been a busy week Ladybirds and looking at the Home Learning Gallery again we can tell you are doing just fabulously with your phonics learning and what's that we see?......A huggable rainbow? How perfect! We could all do with one of those!

Just have a think.....What has been your favourite thing you have done this week? What made it really good I wonder?

Well, Mrs Chapman certainly enjoyed baking biscuits yesterday and as promised I have saved one for you. Can you guess which is yours?

Here we go for the final time this week.....


    Today's handwriting letter:  p

Do you remember all the loopy letters we have been writing this week Ladybirds? Well today's letter has a tail but no loop- the tail is going to hang down straight, but it must hang below the line.

Start with your pencil on the line. "Up and down, then back to the top and around." We need to give it a lead-out line so when you finish just move your pencil back out along the line at the bottom.


Just click on the letters above to watch the letters being formed in Sky Writer or have a go yourself in Writing Repeater (both found in

    Today's mental maths challenge:

If you have completed the maths challenges from the home learning grid this week Ladybirds you should be getting pretty good at counting on from different numbers. Try this robot game by clicking on the picture below. It is a game from the topmarks website.

When you get to the site you can choose between adding to 10, 15 or 20. The object of the game is to match the robots to the correct total. The challenge is.... can you count on from the first number when adding? For example when adding 4 + 2, can you put '4' in your head and count on 2 more.......'4', 5, 6?

Counting on is a much quicker way of finding the total! How quick are you?



Go through your sounds and tricky words as usual and don't forget to choose a reading book to share with a grown-up at some point today too.

Let's start with a quick sentence then we will finish with a game!

Choose one of the 'ow' words below and turn it into a sentence. Remember to read through your sentence to check it makes sense. Did you use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end?


Now Ladybirds, don't make it too easy.....we know how well you are getting on with your writing so time to challenge yourself further! Can you add a describing word to your sentence to make it longer- we know you can!

Give yourself a High-Five for not giving up! Have some fun now with a favourite phonics game. Visit the site (just type in 'phonics' in the search box) or why not visit Phonics-Bloom (select any of the Phase 3 games) or the Letters and Sounds site (select Phase 3 games from the menu). The 'English' section of also has some great phonic games to play. Find the game you have enjoyed the  most over the past weeks or maybe find a new one!

Have a great weekend Ladybirds. Whatever you get up to with your family have fun and don't forget to tell us all about it! See you on Monday!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn




Thursday 30th April 2020
Good Morning Ladybirds!


Great pictures again on the Home Learning Gallery Ladybirds- someone is looking very sporty out in the garden! What a lovely message too- Thank you! We are certainly missing you too and we do enjoy seeing your pictures in the gallery and seeing what you get up to at home!

How are you feeling today Ladybirds? Choose the picture that best matches how you feel. Remember it's ok to feel sad, angry or worried at times but tell a grown-up what is making you feel this way. They can help you. Who has a big smile on their face this morning? We bet we know who chose the silly face!!

Mrs Chapman is definitely smiling. I'm going to bake some biscuits later and am looking forward to eating them! Don't worry- I'll save one for you!

Ok Ladybirds, let's go!!!


    Today's handwriting letter:  f

You've guessed it. It's another letter with a loopy tail, but today we are going to add in a loop the loop. Let's hope we don't get dizzy! The letter 'f' is a really tricky letter to write in the cursive style. Start by watching the jet make the shape with the Sky Writer tool. Click on the picture below and don't forget to select 'cursive'.

Start with your pencil on the line. Just check Ladybirds, have you got your "pinchy-pen grip"? 

"Fly up to the sky... make a loop. Go down, down, down and loop back up."


   Today's mental maths challenge:

Today's challenge is all about doubles. I have the number 2.....

If I double the number I need another 2!

Double 2 is 4!


We are going fishing to practise our doubles today Ladybirds. You could click on the picture and play the online game below which is great fun (on the menu screen select 'recall doubles up to 10').....

....or why not make your own fishing game? You will need to cut out some paper fish and make a simple rod- maybe a pencil with a length of wool and a piece of sticky tape at the end! Write a number on each fish and place them in a 'pond'. When you catch a fish, read out the number and double it! How many fish can you catch in 2 minutes?



Go through all your sounds and tricky words as usual Ladybirds. Today we are going to use our sounds to write some labels to go with the picture below. Look carefully. What can you see? Write a label for each thing you spot. Remember to say each word loudly and clearly and stretch out the word so that you can hear all the sounds.


Did you spot things with the following digraphs....oo,  ee,  ow,  or,  ch,  ar?


Well done Ladybirds. Another fabulous day of learning. Let's do it again- same time tomorrow!

Keep those rainbows shining!

From Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Wednesday 29th April 2020
Good Morning Ladybirds!


It's Wednesday already Ladybirds. This week is zooming by! It is a shame that the weather is a little gloomy at the moment but don't let that stop you from getting outside. A waterproof coat or umbrella is all that is needed. Did you enjoy being a superhero yesterday? 

Lola did! Here she is dressed as BatDog ready for our daily walk.

Whatever you get up to today....happy learning! 


      Today's handwriting letter:  y

Another letter with a 'tail' today Ladybirds. Have you been successful in writing your letters so that the 'tail' loops under the line each time? Don't panic if it's not quite right the first time- remember practice makes perfect! 

Click on the picture below to select Sky Writer from and watch the little red jet create the letter 'y' in the night sky.


   Today's mental maths challenge:

Time for a game of number knockout Ladybirds! The challenge now is to be able to correctly form all the numbers to 20 or even beyond 20. We use whiteboards at school to play the game but what could you use at home? Maybe some sand or shaving foam in a tray using a stick as a 'pen', you could use chalks and write your numbers on the path or patio outdoors, you could use paints and a paint brush or even use play-dough to make your numbers! You choose.


When you have all you need you are ready to play. Ask a grown-up to call out a number for you to write. Think carefully before you write it down. Which way around does the number go? If it has two digits e.g. 13, which digit goes first? If you get it right you are still in the game so get ready for a new number. Try not to get knocked out!

If you do get knocked out- which number was your nemesis? Use the number formation tools below to help you practise so that you don't get knocked out next time!

Click on the picture above to be taken to the Communication4all website. It's a great website full of activities and resources to support different areas of the curriculum. Select 'numeracy' from the menu on the left and then scroll right to the bottom to find an interactive powerpoint called 'Let's Write Numbers'. Once the powerpoint opens, select 'Slide Show' and then 'From Beginning' and simply follow the instructions to watch the 'magic pencil' form the numbers you select. You can end the slide show by right clicking at any time and selecting 'End Show'.

If you want to use the rhymes we use at school to help you form each number simply click on the picture above. Again this resource is from the Communication 4 All website.



As always, go through your sounds and tricky words. Can you remember our digraph of the week?

Today's activity is a puzzle matching one. Click on 'Wednesday's Phonic Activity' at the bottom of the page. Again, there are two versions for you to choose from- one with 'ow' words and a simpler version- but the activity is the same. Find the puzzle pieces that match by reading each sentence and matching it to the correct picture.

You can, if you want, print the puzzle pieces so you can cut around them and put them together, like a real puzzle, but you don't need to. Just tell a grown up which pieces go together.

For a little extra challenge: Choose a sentence and see if you can add in a describing word to make the sentence longer. Describing words are words like 'soft', 'red',  'creepy', 'beautiful'.

Look at the example below......

I can add the word 'fluffy' to describe the rabbits- Fluffy rabbits in a hutch.

or maybe the word 'wooden' to describe the hutch- Rabbits in a wooden hutch.

or I can make the sentence longer still by using lots of describing words....

Two fluffy rabbits in a small wooden hutch.


Join in with the chant...

"2, 4, 6, 8    Who do we appreciate?   LADYBIRDS!"

Keep going Ladybirds. We are here for you!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Tuesday 28th April 2020
Good Morning Ladybirds!


Oh Ladybirds you have made the grown-ups at school cry with your wonderful message to us, but they are definitely tears of joy and happiness. It was such a thoughtful, kind and caring gesture but what else would we expect from our truly amazing pupils at All Souls'- "THANK YOU!"

Did you know it is National Superhero Day? Maybe you could wear your favourite superhero costume (or make yourself a mask) to complete today's home learning challenges!

Have you tried any of the activities from this week's Home Learning grid yet? If not, why not be inspired by Miss Bunn and make your own train out of junk materials......

What could you use to create yours? Can you see how Miss Bunn joined the boxes and tubes together? (clue: look to the left of the train!) You could even decorate your engine with paints or coloured paper. Why not send in a picture of your finished model so we can see?

      Today's handwriting letter: j

Remember this week our handwriting letters all have a 'tail' that loops under the line. Start with your pencil on the line. The letter 'j' begins just like 'i'.

"Up and down...with a loop...then a dot at the top."

Click on the letters above to take you to the ict-games website and find the Writing Repeater tool.


    Mental Maths Challenge:

Time to get active with a counting challenge. 

Firstly just check when counting you don't forget any numbers. Can you count to 20 (or beyond) carefully? The video clips below can help you check if you are saying each number in turn to 20 or 50. Click on the pictures to watch.


Now you are ready for a counting-on game. You will need a partner (who do you want to play the game with you?) and a ball or something similar to throw and catch with (a pair of socks, frisbee or balloon would be great). Partner one holds the 'ball' and calls out a number from 1 to 10 e.g. 7, then throws the ball to Partner two. Partner two catches the ball and says the number that comes next. Continue throwing and catching, each time saying the number that comes next. If the ball is dropped start again with a new number to count on from.

You can choose to throw under-arm, over-arm or even from between your legs. Make it weird and wacky! You could even use your feet to pass the ball between you.

If you want to make it slightly trickier...... count on from numbers greater than 10. How confident are you when counting on from  8......14......25.........39?



Our sound this week is the digraph 'ow' as in cow.

The alphablocks will help us with a reading challenge today. Click on the picture to watch the video and spot lots of 'ow' words with the alphablocks.

Now it's your turn to make some words. Click on the link below to find Tuesday's phonic activity. Can you un-jumble the letters to make words that match the pictures? Be sure to put the letters in the right order!

Note for grown-ups: There are two activities to choose from. The first uses our new 'ow' digraph. The second looks at the digraph 'sh' with CVC words. Choose the one that best suits your child.

As always don't forget to practise all the sounds you have learned so far, plus your tricky words.


Phew! We definitely deserve a break after all that Ladybirds. What do you like to do to unwind I wonder?

Stay strong, stay safe Ladybirds- see you tomorrow!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Monday 27th April 2020
Good Morning Ladybirds!


We hope you had a lovely restful weekend and are raring to go with our new week of Home School. We have spied more gorgeous blossom pictures and some amazing maths in the home learning gallery. Wow Ladybirds- you are always so super busy!


As it is Monday we will do a little reminder again of what you can do to continue your learning at home. Try to do 'little and often' so you don't become bored with any of the activities and so you have plenty of time for that all important play! Don't forget to learn in the way you like best, so if sport is your thing maybe you can learn your tricky words with a target game. There are lots of fabulous activities to choose from in the Home Learning Grid below (including stories, den building, music making and model building). Try to include one or two of  these each day to keep your skills in tip top form.

There will also be a daily handwriting, mental maths challenge and phonic activity for you to complete and of course reading is an important daily activity. Oxford Owl is the place to visit to practise your reading. Remember it's free to join to access their e-book library. Here are some suggestions for the week.....

What is on your timetable today Ladybirds?

Ready? Set? GO!!!

      Handwriting letter:  g

This week we are going to practise our letters with 'tails'. Start with your pencil on the line. Although our letters will sit on the line, the 'tails' will hang down under the line. Begin just as if you were writing a 'curly c'.

"Up to the top of the hill, curl back around- sprinkle on the magic- up and down......with a loop".

CLICK HERE to take you straight to the website and click on Writing Repeater to try out your own letters.


       Mental Maths Challenge:

As we are off on a train journey this week, take a look at this train engine below...

Name each shape you see. Choose one shape and tell us....

How many sides does your shape have?

Are the sides straight or curved?

How many corners does your shape have?

Choose another shape and repeat the questions.

       A diving deeper challenge:

Are there more circles or more rectangles in the picture? How do you know?



As always please practise the sounds we have covered so far as well as your tricky words.

Click on the picture below to take you straight to Help a Hedgehog from

Our new sound for the week is the digraph 'ow' (as in cow).  Remember a digraph is a sound made of two letters. The Jolly Phonics action for this is to pretend your finger has been pricked by a needle and say 'OW!' to show how it hurts.

Click HERE to watch a short clip from BBC Bitesize to hear the new sound and to blend to read some 'ow' words.

Look at the pictures below. Say each word and listen carefully for the 'ow' sound. Is the 'ow' sound at the beginning, middle or end of the word?


A very Happy Monday to you all Ladybirds. Keep smiling and remember, if you want to show us just how amazing you are (although we already know you are) don't forget to share your pictures with us by asking a grown-up to send them to then we can all say "hello!" to you when we spot you in the Home Learning Gallery!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn