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Home Learning - Ladybirds - Week 14

Friday 10th July 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


Woohoo! It's Friday again Ladybirds. What a fabulous week it's been with our 'dragon' theme. What did you get up to? Yesterday in school we made our own version of 'snakes and ladders' called 'Towers and Tails'. We used our knowledge of number order to number the board and had fun placing the Towers to go up and Dragon Tails to slide down. We enjoyed testing our finished games out.

Today we will be having fun decorating our dragon eggs! Today is the final day to try out the Handwriting, Mental maths and Phonics challenges. Next week, for our final week of Home School, we will do something a little different.

Enjoy some Friday Fun...


It must be time for another dose of Number Knockout Ladybirds! You remember the rules don't you? First find something to use to write your numbers with. Do you have a favourite pen/ pencil/ crayon?

Now ask a grown-up to call out numbers for you to write. You could make the game trickier by using numbers to 20 or even beyond!

Before you start you can use the rhymes from the Communication4All site to help you remember how to form each number.

Each time you are correct in writing your numbers you stay in the game but... if you get a number wrong it's a number knockout and the game ends. Can you stay in for 5 rounds? If so you are the number knockout champion!

   Mental maths challenge:

For a fun Friday challenge why not play a favourite maths game or explore all the games on offer from the

Here are a few suggestions but there are plenty on the site so when on there do scroll down!

    Play your cards right.

  Saucer sorting

    Shifting shapes

    Phonics: er

Our final challenge uses the digraph 'er' as in 'Winter'. Watch the clips below from BBC Bitesize and Little Learners to help you read words with the 'er' sound in them.


Don't forget to go through all your sounds and tricky words then have fun with some online phonic games.

You must have some favourites by now but you could try...

  Little Bird Spelling from

   Full Circle from

     Pick a Picture from Phonics Play

   Tell a T-Rex from

We hope you have a fabulous weekend before our final week of Home School!

For those of you who are feeling a little unsure about moving up to Year 1 in September please don't panic. Mrs Andrews and the rest of the Key Stage 1 team are putting together something to help you with the transition and there will also be a special message from us too.

See you again on Monday Ladybirds!
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn


Thursday 9th July 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


Hello again Ladybirds. How are you today? We had a super busy writing day in school yesterday. Did you have a go at writing a dragon story too? Take a look at some of our efforts below. We were very proud of what we did! (A larger version can be found at the bottom of the page).

Today we will be creating our own board games. We will let you know how we get on! What will you choose today?

  Handwriting letters:

Let's try writing some more useful words ready for year 1. Do you know the days of the week? Try writing them. Look at how all the days end in the same way... 'day'. Use the Twinkl resource below to help you. (you can find a larger and printable version at the bottom of the page)

   Mental maths challenge:

Today is a subtraction challenge. If you have a printer print of a copy of the 'Colour by Numbers' activity at the bottom of the page.

If you don't have a printer you could create your own colour by number activity- ask a grown-up to help you or why not play the 'Fruit Splat' game below?

   Phonics: ear & air

Today we will look back on two letter sounds- 'ear' and 'air'. Watch the clips from BBC Bitesize and the Alphablocks video to help you spot these sounds in different words.


Now try out one of the following activities. If you fancy a reading challenge using the 'ear' and 'air' trigraphs, why not play 'Dragon's den' from Phonics Play by clicking on the link below? Select 'Phase 3' and then the sounds you wish to practise.

If you would rather give your sounding out skills a work out then have a go at the labelling activity below. Again you will find a larger and printable version at the bottom of the page.

Another fabulous day of learning completed Ladybirds! Well done! Why not reward your super work with a sticker? If you don't have one you could always make one!

See you tomorrow Ladybirds for some Friday Fun!
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


It's so lovely to see your pictures from home Ladybirds in the Home Learning Gallery- what beautiful writing. You should be super proud!

In school yesterday we tried the measuring challenge from our Home Learning Grid. We drew around our feet and cut out the shapes so we each had a 'measuring foot' then we explored the garden to find things which were longer or shorter. We then tried to measure how tall things were by stacking our feet on top of each other- it needed a bit of team work!

In our choosing time some of us also made our own dragons. 

Today in school we will be creating our own dragon stories with the story plan at the bottom of the page. Why don't you have a go at making your own dragon story? We'd love to read them!

Keep busy Ladybird Learners!

  Handwriting letters:

Have a go at writing your number words from six to ten today Ladybirds. Remember you can always watch the little red jet from Sky Writer form each letter if you are unsure how to do it. Click on the link below. Only 'x' is written differently to the jet. At All Souls' we begin to write this letter as if we were writing 'v'.

"Go up to the top then zig down. Take your pencil off the paper and move it back along the line. Then Zag up again and off at the top."

   Mental maths challenge:

Today let's try something completely different. Let's begin to tell the time! Look at the clock below.

The part of the clock with the numbers on is called the clock 'face'. Which number is at the top of the clock face? Which number is at the bottom? Can you see how the numbers go around the clock face in the same order as the number line?

The clock also has 2 'hands'. One hand is long and the other hand is short. Can you spot them? Which number is the long hand pointing to? Which number is the short hand pointing to?

We can tell the time by looking at where the hands are pointing to. When it is 'o'clock' the long hand (the minute hand) points to the number 12 at the top of the clock. Look at the clock above. The long hand is pointing at the number 12 so the time must be o'clock. The short hand (the hour hand) is pointing to the number '10'. So the time is 10 o'clock.

Watch this YouTube clip to see some more o'clock times and have a go at telling the time yourself!

If you are getting the hang of telling the o'clock times why not play the game Hickory Dickory Clock? If you click on the matching clock the mouse will run up and gobble the cheese!

Note to Parents/ Carers- as this game includes other times apart from o'clock simply click the arrow to move to the next o'clock number.

If you have a clock at home why not see if you can use it to spot more o'clock times?   

     Phonics: oi

Today's phonic sound is 'oi' as in 'boil'. The Jolly Phonics action for this digraph is as follows...


Watch the clips from BBC Bitesize and Mr Teach's Simply Phonics to hear and read sounds with the 'oi' digraph.

Now play the dominoes game below. A larger and printable version, along with a simpler version, can be found at the bottom of the page. Cut out the dominoes and muddle them up. Start with the domino with the 'oi' sound. Read the sentence and find the picture that matches. Repeat until the last domino is placed and give yourself a big thumbs up!

Fabulous Ladybirds! How amazing you are.
See you tomorrow!
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn


Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


Are you enjoying this week's learning activities on Dragons? Yesterday in school we practised our counting so that we can count beyond 20 with confidence. We used our counting skills to help us fill in the missing numbers in our maths challenge and we also shared the story of Zog and have begun to make our very own dragon eggs! Some of us have also drawn our own dragon pictures.

Don't forget to share what you have been doing at home with us by sending in any pictures to  We would love to see what you have been up to.

Time for today's challenges. Let's get going!

   Handwriting letters:

We have now practised forming each letter of the alphabet so now we will use our handwriting to help us learn to write some helpful words ready for year 1. Today we will write each number from 1 to 5. Don't forget to begin with your pencil on the line and to use a pinchy-pen grip.

If you need to watch the little red jet from sky writer form any of the letters simply click on the picture below.

   Mental maths challenge:

In today's challenge you will need to use your positional language. To remind you of all the different positional words watch the video from Scratch Garden below...

Now play the I Spy game from Twinkl below. Take a good look at the underwater picture. Ask a grown-up to read out one of the clue cards. Listen carefully to the positional words and point to what it is describing on the picture. Repeat with different clue cards. How many did you get right?

nb. A larger, printable version can be found at the bottom of the page.



    Phonics: ow

Our sound today is the digraph 'ow' as in 'cow'. The Jolly Phonic action for this sound is as follows...


Watch the clips from BBC Bitesize and Epic Phonics to help you read words with the 'ow' sound in them.

Now try the phonics activity below. Look at each picture and say the word. Stretch it out so that you can hear all the sounds. Take care- there may be clusters like 'br' or 'cl' at the beginning of each word. Write down the sounds you hear. Then see if you can finish the sentence at the bottom. Remember sentences have to make sense! Draw a picture to match your sentence.

There is a larger version on the link at the bottom of the page along with a simpler version without consonant clusters. You choose.

Another day of challenges completed Ladybirds. Enjoy the rest of the day. Do something wonderful!
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Monday 6th July 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


Welcome to a new week of Home School Ladybirds. As next week will be our last week in school, this week will be the final week of asking you to do the daily handwriting, mental maths and phonic challenges along with the Home Learning Grid activities (find these at the bottom of the page). Next week we will do something a little different!

Last week we practised our scissor skills as well as our handwriting skills with our Friday challenges. We used quills to write our names and made split-pin knights.

Have fun with your activities today Ladybirds. Don't forget to make time too this week to share some books from Oxford Owl. Click on the picture below to take you to the site.

Here are some suggestions for this week...

    Handwriting letters: er

Our letters today make the digraph 'er' as in 'mixer'. Watch the jet in the Sky Writer tool from ict-games form each letter first then have a go yourself.

Now try to copy these 'er' words in your beautiful handwriting...

     Mental maths challenge:

Monday is a counting day. Can you count to 30 and beyond? You will need to know the order of the 'tens' numbers to help you as you go further along the number line!

Make it a game as you count. You could do exercises as you count, go on a walk counting as you go or throw and catch a ball. How far can you count to?

Now count back from 20. Watch the video to watch Flossing Monkey do it too.

Now you are happy with the order of numbers when counting on and back in ones, can you find the missing numbers in the activity below? Watch out for when you need to count back! You will find a larger and printable version by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. There are 2 versions to choose from.


    Phonics: ur

Go through your sounds and tricky words as usual Ladybirds. Don't forget the Phase 4 words can be found at the bottom of the page.

Our sound today is the digraph 'ur' as in 'turn'. Watch the clips from BBC Bitesize and Mister Teach's Simply Phonics to help you blend and read different 'ur' words.



Now try the following activity. Can you spot the 'ur' words in the I spy picture? Sound out each word carefully. Watch out for those beginning and end clusters! Find a printable version at the bottom of the page.


Great job Ladybirds! This High-Five is just for you!

See you the same time tomorrow. 
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn