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Home Learning - Ladybirds - Week 12


Friday 26th June 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!

Have you got that Friday feeling?Woohoo!! - Happy Minion | Make a Meme  It's the end of another fab week of learning so why not round off the week with some Friday fun and show off your phonics and maths skills by playing your favourite online learning games. Hopefully your broadband won't have melted in the heat, like poor Mrs Chapman's has!

Check out the games on and challenge yourself to beat your high score on Help a Hedgehog, or Save the Whale and find 2 numbers that make 10 to practise your number bonds. Don't forget to practise your doubles too ... how many do you know by heart?

Stay cool Ladybirds, have a lovely weekend and we'll be back on Monday with lots of new challenges for you all!

From Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn.


Thursday 25th June 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


Did you manage to keep cool yesterday Ladybirds? It was very hot in school but we worked really well to complete all our challenges. We wrote letters to the King to let him know why we would make good cooks or jesters. Hopefully he will let us work in his castle.

It's going to be another hot day today too. In school we are having a little change today. As well as our challenges we are going to include a few activities to help with the hot weather. We are going to make fans and chill some yummy fruit kebabs so that we can eat them in the garden in the afternoon. 

It will be a real treat for all our hard work today! Talking of which, time to get started...

     Handwriting letters: ow

Our letters today make the digraph 'ow' as in 'cow'. Just like yesterday both letters are small so need to be the same size when you write them. After you have watched the formation of each letter on the Sky Writer tool, have a go yourself then write the 'ow' words below.


    Mental maths challenge:

Do you remember how we can make teen numbers with a 10 and then some more?

10 and 5 makes 15,  10 and 2 makes 12. What will 10 and 7 make?

Watch the clip below to see teen numbers being made by counting on from 10. It's called 'Grab a ten'.


Now try the 'Shark Numbers' game from ict-games. You will need to count in tens then add the ones to find the total and match to the correct total. This will make the dolphins happy. Watch out if you get it wrong- the shark will chomp your boat!



Our sound today is 'oa' as in 'boat'. The Jolly Phonics action for this is as follows...


Now try the challenge below. Look for things with the 'oa' sound in them in the picture below. Write down each word then colour in the picture. For an additional challenge, choose one 'oa' word and turn it into a sentence. Remember to include a capital letter and full stop. You will find a printable version at the bottom of the page.

We hope you didn't get too hot today Ladybirds. We think you are pretty cool anyway!
See you tomorrow
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Wednesday 24th June 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


Phew! The weather is certainly getting hotter. Remember to find ways to keep cool today. Why not build a shady den in the garden?

Yesterday in school we learned a little about the people who lived and worked in castles long ago. We chose the job we would like to do if we worked in the castle and made a hat to match. 

We have been practising our doubling skills too. Here we are playing Double Dragons...

Time to get started on today's challenges!


    Handwriting challenge: ur

I bet your handwriting is looking beautiful with all the practice we have been doing. Try the letters that make the digraph 'ur' today (as in 'turn'). Just like yesterday our letters are both small so try to keep them the same size as you can.

Click below to see the letters being formed in Sky Writer and if you are confident in forming them yourself try copying the 'ur' words too.



    Mental maths challenge:

Let's use our subtraction skills to play a game. The game is for 2 players so you will need a friend. A larger, printable copy can be found at the bottom of the page. Play the game following the instructions given. How will you solve the subtraction problem each time? Are there some subtraction problems that you just know the answer to?

Who was the winner?


    Phonics: igh

Our sound today is a trigraph- 3 letters, 1 sound. It makes the sound 'igh' as in 'light'. The Jolly Phonics action for 'igh' is as follows...


Watch the clips from BBC Bitesize and the Alphablocks to here words with the 'igh' sound in them.


Can you choose the 'igh' word that best fits in the sentences below. Click on the link at the bottom - Wednesday's phonic activity to find a printable version along with an alternative version too.

Fabulous Ladybirds. You are our superstars!
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


It's going to be a lovely sunny day today Ladybirds. How will you keep yourself cool? Maybe drink a glass of water, make a fan or stay in the shade! Whatever you get up to today please take care in the sun.

Here are some photos of our learning in school. Do you like our 'Castle and Sun' pastel pictures? Can you see which shapes we used to make them with. Smudging the pastels was a little messy!

Yesterday we began making goblets ready for a Royal banquet. We had to shape the clay with our hands to make the shape then used special tools to add patterns. Once the clay is dry we will be able to paint and decorate them!

Look at the concentration on our faces!

As you can see, we are being very arty and creative in our learning at school. Will you choose a craft activity today? Have fun and don't forget to share your learning with us!


    Handwriting letters: or

Do you recognise the digraph made with today's letters? 'or' as in 'fork'.

Click below to watch the little red jet from Sky Writer make each letter then you have a go. Both letters are small so try to keep them the same size if you can. Remember to start each letter with your pencil on the line.

Now see if you can copy the following words. Remember to keep tall letters tall and make sure any tails hang below the line.



     Mental maths challenge:

Let's try some estimating today Ladybirds. When we estimate we don't count or measure to find the exact amount but we make a good guess by doing some clever thinking!

Maybe you have tried estimating before if you have been to a fair and played the game 'Guess how many sweets are in the jar?'. You can't take the sweets out and count them, you just have to guess. What might be a good guess for the jar of sweets below?

Maybe at home today you can play your own estimating game, "How many teddies are in the box?" or "How many pencils are in the pot?". When you have made your estimate (guess), count the actual number. Was your guess a good one? have some estimating challenges too. You can select the difficulty level so can keep numbers below 10 or extend to 20 and beyond. Click on the picture below to be transported to the site.



Today our sound is the digraph 'ee' as in 'tree'. The Jolly Phonics action for this sound is as follows...


Click on the pictures above to go to the BBC Bitesize site and Little Learners Youtube site to help you spot the 'ee' digraph and read words with the 'ee' sound in them.

Now try the activity below. You will find a printable version along with a simpler 'ee' version of the activity at the bottom of the page- Tuesday's phonic activity.


That's all for today Ladybirds. Enjoy the sunshine!
See you all again tomorrow.
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Monday 22nd June 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


We hope you had a lovely weekend Ladybirds and for all our Dads out there we hope you had a happy and relaxing Father's Day!

As it is the beginning of the week we will give you a little reminder about what you can do at home to continue the learning. Try to choose one or two activities each day from the Home Learning Grid (click on the link at the bottom of the page) as well as completing the daily Handwriting, Mental maths and Phonics challenges. Sharing a book from the Oxford Owl e-books collection is a must too each day to really strengthen those reading skills.

A few suggestions for this week...

If you are looking for something a little different don't forget you can check out the P.E. and R.E. home learning pages for additional activities and of course the Summer Reading Challenge has now launched. Click from the main Home Learning page to find further details.

If you are enjoying your home learning please do send in photos to share with us in the Home Learning Gallery-

Here is what we will be up to today in school...


      Handwriting letters: ar

The letters today make the digraph 'ar' as in 'star'. Watch the little red jet in the Sky Writer tool from ict-games form each letter then you have a go, remembering to hold your pencil with a pinchy-pen grip and to start each letter on the line.

Now try copying the following words with an 'ar' sound. Try to keep each small letter the same size but make sure tall letters look tall and any tails hang below the line. Click on the words below to take you to the Writing Repeater tool.


    Mental maths challenge:

We can start the week with a counting challenge but today we will count in 10s.

Watch the clip below to help you become familiar with the number pattern when counting in tens...

Now see if you can use your number pattern knowledge to help you find a path through the maze to join the two shields. Start at the shield numbered '10'.

(a printable version can be found at the bottom of the page)



This term we are going over our Phase 3 sounds so that we can identify them quickly when reading and writing. We are also learning our Phase 4 tricky words to help us get ready for the challenges of Year 1.

(Note for Parents/ Carers: The phase 4 tricky words can be found at the bottom of the page along with Phase 5 sounds and tricky words for those children who are very confident with reading and writing using the Phase 3 and 4 sounds and tricky words.)

Our sound today is the digraph 'ai' as in 'snail'. The Jolly Phonic action for this sound is as follows...


Click on the links above to practise reading words with the 'ai' sound in them from the BBC Bitesize and Simply Phonics sites.

Can you spell out these 'ai' words? Look at the picture and say the word. Stretch out the word so you can hear all the sounds then write them down.

Again you will find a printable version at the bottom of the page.

How many different 'ai' words can you spot today?


What a great start to the week Ladybirds. A big thumbs up to you!

See you again tomorrow.
from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn