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Home Learning - Ladybirds - Week 1

Home Learning Week 1

Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!


It has been lovely looking at the Home Learning Gallery to see some of the things you have been getting up to at home. You are certainly keeping yourselves busy! Keep those pictures coming in. Send them to:

It's Friday! We made it to the end of our first week of Home School. Give a cheer!

Today's handwriting letter: 'g'

Start with your pencil on the line. Make a curly 'c' then get ready to sprinkle on the magic. "Up to the top of the hill then curl back around. (sprinkle on the magic) Up and down....with a loop!


   Today's Mental Maths Challenge:

Count the spots on each domino to find its total. Which 2 dominoes have totals that are equal?

If you want an extra challenge- can you order the dominoes from the smallest total to the largest total?


Let's make today Friday Fun-time Phonics!

After practising your phonic sounds and tricky words why not try....

    Pick a Picture from click here (you will need Adobe Flash to play)

When you enter the site you can choose which sounds the words will be made up from.

Phase 2/ Phase 3/ Phase 3 (digraphs)

Choose the set your child will be most comfortable with but most of us should be able to have a go at using Phase 3 with digraphs.

Read the word and click on the picture that matches.

     Another game to try is Tell a T Rex from click here

Again you can choose to select to play using specific sounds including CVC words (simple words such as 'hop') or reading words with digraphs. Why not use our sound of the week 'ar'?

Read the silly sentence and choose the answer yes or no. If you get it right T Rex will get some meat to eat and you will be safe from his jaws!


That's it Ladybirds. The end of the week! Hopefully you have managed to try out some of the Home Learning Activities we gave you (see the link below). If you have, or want to share how well you are getting on with your reading or phonics or anything else do send in pictures to go onto the Home Learning Gallery. We can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Have a well earned rest now Ladybirds! See you after the weekend.

From Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn




Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!

It's going to be another sunny day today Ladybirds so if you can take some of your learning out in the garden today please do so.

Mrs Ransley has begun putting some pictures of your Home Learning efforts on our Home Learning Gallery. If you have any photos of you trying out the home learning activities and are happy for them to go onto our website then please send them to....

This might be a good day to create an Easter Hunt and practise your writing skills.

Write clues to send a family member on a trail around the house or garden. Maybe you could place an object, eg a teddy, in each place you send them to that they could collect.

e.g. clues might say things like.....

Look on top of the shelf.

Look in the pot.

Look next to the tree.

Remember to use finger spaces between your words so that your clues can be read easily!

Today's handwriting letter: 'd'

Start with your pencil sitting on the line. Make a curly 'c' then get ready to sprinkle on the magic.

"Up to the top of the hill. Curl back around. (sprinkle on the magic) Up and down."


Today's Mental Maths Challenge:

Meet the shape friends:

Can you name each shape?

Which shape friends have curved sides?

Which shape friend has 3 corners?

Which 2 shape friends have 7 sides altogether?



Practise your sounds and tricky words as usual.

Let's try writing some 'ar' words.

Look at the picture and say the word. Stretch it out so you can hear all the sounds.

Write the sounds you hear in order. Can you see where the digraph 'ar' will go?

For those who are still practising your phase 2 sounds try spelling the following words instead:


  Rainbow Challenge:

You may have heard, or seen on tv, that many people are creating rainbows to put in their windows. We even have a rainbow on our windows at school.  The rainbows are a sign of friendship and hope and will certainly make everyone who sees them smile.

Why not create a rainbow to put in your window?

Kent Police have posted on Facebook that as they drive around the area in their rainbow police car, to keep us safe, they will be taking PC Bear with them and will look out for any rainbows you have made.

Will you spot PC Bear and the rainbow police car? Look out of your window to see if you can spot him!

Sending you a high five Ladybirds!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!

Hopefully we are getting the hang of Home School. Has it been fun making your timetable for the day?

I wonder if anyone has made a register!

It's Wednesday! That means it's number knockout!

You may not have a whiteboard and pen at home but you don't need them. You could write your numbers with crayons/ pencils/ paint. You could write numbers in sand with a twig or on a sunny day go out and use chalk to write your numbers on the ground or even use a paintbrush dipped in water to create your numbers.

The aim of the game is to think carefully about how we write our numbers so that they are written clearly.

Remind yourself how to form each number by visiting the Communication4All website via this link  here. Say each rhyme as you practise writing each number.

When you are ready to play the game ask a grown-up to call out a number e.g. "7" and then write that number down.

Check to see if you have written the number correctly. Is the shape right? Is the number the right way round? If so you are still in the game! "Whoop! Whoop!"

Keep playing until you are 'knocked out' by writing a number incorrectly. If you stayed in for 3 rounds give yourself a pat on the back!

Today's Mental Maths Challenge:

I have 2 coins in my piggy bank. Together they make 4p. Which coins do I have?

I have 2 coins in my piggy bank. Together they make 6p. Which coins do I have?

Can you think of your own challenge?


Practise your sounds and tricky words as usual.

Today's activity is a reading one. 

Click on the Home Learning Week 1 Phonics file at the bottom of the page to find it.

Activity 1 is for those who are still practising their blending with phase 2 sounds.

Activity 2 is for those who are learning their phase 3 sounds. Remember this week's sound is 'ar'.

The action for this sound (following the Jolly Phonic scheme) is : open your mouth wide, as if you are at the doctors and say "arrrrrrrrrrrrr".

For either activity read each sentence. The picture next to it will match.

Can you draw a picture to match the final sentence you read?


      Keeping Active

You are working so well Ladybirds with your reading, phonics, maths and trying some of the Home Learning activities too but don't forget to give yourself a break!

Make lots of time for play during your day. It's important!

So is time to keep your bodies active. You may not be able to meet up with friends or play in the local park but what could you do to keep fit?

Maybe you are joining in with Joe Wicks each morning (9am on his You Tube channel 'The Body Coach TV'). Maybe you have enjoyed a Spring-time walk or cycle ride with your family. Perhaps a game of football in the garden, playing on the trampoline, skipping, hula-hooping?

Parents, whenever your child starts to lose interest in an activity try a quick active game to re-energise them, for example a quick game of keepy-uppy with a ball (or rolled up pair of socks). Can you manage 5 in a row?

Ladybirds are the best!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn



Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!      


How did your first day of Home School go?

If you have your timetable ready let's begin today's challenges!

Today's handwriting letter: 'a'

Start with your pencil sitting on the line. Make a curly 'c' then get ready to sprinkle on the magic!

"Up to the top of the hill. Curl back around. (sprinkle on the magic) Up and down.

Today's Mental Maths Challenge

Who stole my number?

You will need some number cards either 1 to 10 or 1 to 20 (depending on how confident your child is with their numbers).

Place the number cards in order on the table or floor and find a friend to play with. Close your eyes then get your friend to "steal" one of the numbers. Can you work out which number has been stolen?

Prove it! Use your mathematical words such as 'before' or 'after' to explain how you know which number is missing. eg "I know you stole number 4 because the number that comes after 3 is missing. 4 comes after 3."


Practise all the sounds and tricky words you have learned so far.

This week's new sound is:   ar


Mister Teach can help you read words with the digraph 'ar'. Click here!

Go on an 'ar' hunt in your home.  What can you find that have the 'ar' sound in them?


Don't forget to choose one or two activities from the Home Learning Week 1 grid (see below) and do some reading practice!

Go Ladybirds Go!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn.



Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Morning Ladybirds!  

We hope you had a lovely weekend and gave your mums a well deserved rest!

Let's get ready for our first day of Home School.

Why not make yourself a picture timetable and stick on pictures of the things you are planning to do today?

Remember to choose one or two of the learning activities from Home Learning Week 1 (see below) to add to your timetable and don't forget to include some time for reading and phonics each day. Play is a big part of our learning where we can practise our new vocabulary and skills so don't forget to add BIG CHOOSING to the timetable too!

It doesn't matter if you don't always stick to your timetable each day - it is just a suggestion to help build some routine or structure into the day. A day of baking, visiting the park to feed the ducks or helping with household chores all provide valuable opportunities for learning so go with whatever works for you and your family. Above all have fun!

If you were not able to pick up your child's Home Learning Pack on Friday please look below at the 'Ladybird Home Learning Links- Support for Parents/ Carers' to give you all the information you need.

Today's handwriting letter: 'c'

Start with your pencil sitting on the line. "Go up to the top of the hill, then curl back around."

There is a lovely handwriting tool called 'Writing Repeater' on If you have a touch screen you can create the letters and play them back. -click here 

Today's Mental Maths Challenge

Practise counting up to 20. Play ping-pong counting with a partner. Use an imaginary bat to hit the ball to your partner and begin the count '1'. Your partner hits the ball back to you continuing the count '2'. Keep batting the ball to and fro until you get to 20. Why not play catch with a real ball out in the garden and continue your counting?


We were all at different stages of our phonic learning when the school closed. Most of us know our phase 2 sounds and were learning the phase 3 sounds, currently exploring reading and writing words with the following phase 3 sounds: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, oa, oo.

From tomorrow I will add a new sound for the week and suggest an activity but today have a look at the websites to see what is out there to help in this area of learning. Some sites, such as Phonic Play, are offering free access to all their games.

Have you signed up for Oxford Owl yet? It's free to join! Lots of reading books to access from their ebook library. click here

Teach Your Monster to Read is currently available free to download from the app store. A great way to learn phonic and reading skills within a game format. Children get to create their own monster and take them on a reading adventure.

Help a Hedgehog Phonic Game - click here

Good luck with your learning today Ladybirds!

from Mrs Chapman and Miss Bunn