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English resources

Here you will find links and attachments to help you with this week's English learning. 


This week we will be reading and writing about Mary Anning.

*what do you know about her?  Record by using words and simple sentences on a circle map.

* Watch this video clip about Mary Anning.    Pause it when need to write down new facts about her on your note page.

*Read the prepared texts about Mary Anning to find out more about her life long ago. Which key words have you selected? What did you find interesting?

*Can you draw pictures to show what it was she did that was important?

Writing Challenge-

*Over a couple of days; Write a diary entry as if you are her. Tell me a detailed account of where and what you did , who was with you. Take a look at my example to give you an idea.  Please send these to me when you have finished.

*Write down some good questions you would ask her.