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English resources

Here you will find links and attachments to help you with this week's English learning. 

Miss Bidder has set you some learning all about Fossils!

*make a circle map or a list of what you know about fossils from the last couple of weeks. What do you know? What do you want to find out?

*read the attached Ebook in our resources to find out more about fossils or look at the Folkestone
Museum website to read more. Add this learning to your list.

Reading Challenge using your retrieval skills-

*use the attached text and questions as a reading challenge which you can find in English resources. Can you answer in super sentences?

*make a poster about your new learning about fossils. You could include diagrams, drawings, fun facts, headings and some local knowledge too.

*please send us photos of this learning so that we can share it with Miss Bidder. Thank you!

*Take your time with your writing as it is important to write neatly with your super handwriting please.