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English resources

Here you will find links and attachments to resources to help you with this week's English learning.


This week we will continue to use our retrieving skills to do lots of finding out and writing facts for others to read, using our super sentences.

*this dino directory is really helpful

* continue to read as much as you can. You can use other videos and games to help with your retrieval skills. Try writing some notes (not full sentences)under headings such as Diet and Size etc.

*collect a list of your new vocabulary ready for your super sentences.
My new word is theropod! Look at how I used it in my sentence. Can you spot any conjunctions? Which ones have you used this week?

*look at my example fact sheet. This week write your own super sentences under headings, using the notes you have written. Try writing a few pages to make a book.  Your book could include a contents page, an   index and even a glossary. Try a page every day! (There are some templates to use or draw your own)

*Take your time with your writing as it is important to write neatly with your super handwriting please.