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Welcome to the week!
First, a huge well done to those of you who have sent in your English (speech) for marking. You did incredibly well. If you haven't sent it yet, can you do as soon as possible, or email me to let me know you will bringing it in (in your book, or on paper) when we return.
Quite a few of you have told me you have got a little behind with the English, so this week, there is a bit of time to catch up so:
1. On Monday/Tuesday - finish your persuasive writing and email it in, if you have not already done so.
2. If you have completed your speech (at least 3/4 page of writing), you have two days of SPaG revision - a few things I know we need to improve. Both activities cover some aspects of higher level punctuation; remember, this is not just for a SPaG test, it is to use regularly in your writing! 
3. From Wednesday, we will be looking at biographies and autobiographies - what they are and how to write them. Our aim will be to write a short biography on this Term's author, Sir Terry Pratchett. 
Note, the last activity might take a bit of time - so you have Thursday and Friday to complete it.  You need to collect as much relevant information as possible. At the end of this unit, you will need to submit your writing for assessment.

If you are ahead of yourself, and have completed everything up to date, you can complete the            Challenge English activity, on the Year 6 Home Page.

A quick note - Powerpoints this week have been uploaded with a white background, as some of you have said you prefer to print them off, and make notes on them.