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Collective Worship - Term 3

Week 2

I hope that you enjoyed last week’s Worship recordings and the beautiful music that accompanied them as much as I did.

This week, there are three different recordings made by Mrs Swansbury for you to watch and reflect on. Each one has a follow-up activity for you to do.

Sending my best wishes to you and your families,

Mrs J Wright

Day one - Peter

Good News! Peter

You might like to do this activity after you have watched the Worship clip:

This prayer activity links really well with the story of Jesus calling the disciples but could be used to pray for anyone or any situation!

You will need: strips of paper (experiment with length but the ones shown are roughly 10cm x 2cm) Scissors, pens

Choose a strip of paper and write on it the name of the person or situation you would like to pray for. Cut slits near to the ends of the strip as shown below.

 Fit the slits together to make a fish shape.  Now comes the fun part.


Hold the fish high in the air and let it go.  As it gains momentum you will see it start to spin!


Day two – Martha

Good News! Martha

A prayer/reflection activity

Make a paper lantern and use a light (not a candle) inside it to show how the light shines through. gives some simple instructions.

How could light shine through you so that others could see it?  What could you do so that others feel that their day is brighter because of you?  You could add a label to the lantern to show how you are going to do this.


Day three – Nathanael and Philip

Good News! Nathanael and Philip

More thinking about what we learn from Philip and Nathanael

Spend time saying thank you for all the different things that help you get along well with others in your home and class and school.

A prayer/reflection activity

Find a bare branch and put in a pot. Take a moment to think of three things you can be thankful for that have happened recently especially times when you have worked with and alongside others. It might be doing well with some schoolwork, having a time of joy and laughter with your family, making something amazing, getting out for a walk where you saw and experienced the wonders of Creation or so many other things. Write three things you are thankful for onto a leaf shape and fill your bare branch with signs of life in new leaves. 

Week 1

Happy New Year to you all! Although we are not able to be together in our Worship, you will be able to watch, think, reflect and pray using the links on this page.

This week, there are three different recordings made by Mrs Swansbury, who is a good friend of All Souls.

Day one – Happy New Year!

Good News! Light Bringers

Once you have watched the video, you might like to listen to this song while you reflect on what Mrs Swansbury has talked about. Click the picture below for the song.


Day two – Epiphany

Good News! Epiphany

Now you may wish to listen to this song as you think about Epiphany. Click the picture below for the song.


Day three – Light bringers

Good News! Light bringers

I am sure that you will enjoy singing this version of ‘We Three Kings’. Click the picture below for the song.