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Caterpillars - Term 1

Hello Caterpillars!

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Thursday 22nd October 2020

Wow Caterpillars! We have done it! We have made it to the end of our first term back together!
What a wonderful term we have had, we have loved having you back in school, hearing your cheerful voices and seeing how well you have coped with your learning and seeing your friends again!
Give yourselves a big pat on the back from us!

This week we have continued to learn about real life Superheroes and have continued to use our retrieval skills to find out facts about Mary Seacole. We have enjoyed watching clips of her on the battlefield and singing a Horrible Histories song all about her! 

Our Year 1s have made some fabulous medical bags with all the things she needed to take to war with her.
Our Year 2s turned into brilliant teachers sharing all their new found facts with their Year 1 partners.

We are so proud of all of your learning! 

Thank you for the Topic Home Learning books, we really enjoyed seeing all of your super learning! We will send these back home at the beginning of Term 2 with your new home learning grid.

Have a lovely weeks break and we look forward to seeing you for an action packed Term 2!

Friday 16th October 2020

This week we have been learning all about real life superheroes! As you can imagine, the current situation led us into lots of discussions about nurses and doctors! We then used our History skills to think of nurses from our past and learnt lots about Florence Nightingale! We used our retrieval skills to find information from texts and the Internet and used our new knowledge to create sentences and fact files! Ask us a fact at home!

We enjoyed taking a class walk to the hall to see the wonderful foods we have on display as part of our Harvest Celebrations. We were really proud of the respect our pupils showed and the thoughtful things they said. We finished with a lovely prayer, specifically thinking about our local Rainbow Centre.

Next week we have some exciting activities to celebrate the end of our first term back together. Please note, there will be NO PE for KS1 on either Wednesday or Thursday
On Thursday we will be inviting our pupils to come dressed up as their favourite comic or real life superheroes - we may be getting dressed up also! 

It's been lovely speaking with some of you this week about your child's learning and how well they have settled back into school. We look forward to speaking to the remainder of you next week!

Have a great weekend! 

Friday 9th October 2020

We have had lots of superheroes helping us with our learning this week! In Maths we were joined by Captain America who helped us with our counting! We were very quick to spot his missing numbers and save the day! In Literacy we have been working with The Incredibles to follow instructions. We had great fun using our bossy words (imperative verbs!) to make make fruit kebabs! We linked back to our senses and thought they tasted very yummy!

In our Spiritual Development session we have thought about the things we can do to make a difference to others, as a class we have shared some lovely examples about being kind and helpful. We wonder what ways you can all make a difference at home?

Parents - we hope you have remembered to book a telephone conversation with us for parents evening, we are very much looking forward to speaking to you over the next couple of weeks!

Have a great weekend, we look forward to seeing you for another week of fun on Monday! 



Friday 2nd October 2020

Wow! October already! September really did fly by, we have had a very busy first month back at school!

This week we thought lots more about our topic of Superheroes and started the week by designing and making our very own masks. We bet you can't guess who we are from our disguises! Look at our brilliant colours and designs that we used! 

In our writing this week, we have created and named our very own Superhero and their powers! We have also been increasing our vocabulary and learning lots of new adjectives - listen out to see if you hear us use any of them at home!

We enjoyed having our school photos taken today, we can't wait for you to see the images of all our smiling faces!

Don't forget to check our home learning pages for some Maths activities you can do at home to continue your super learning!

See you Monday Superheroes! 


Friday 25th September 2020

We have finished off our senses learning this week, with a particular focus on our sight, hearing and touch senses. We went for a special afternoon walk to the park at the beginning of the week and took great care to note what we saw and heard. We were lucky to see lots of different things, even a group of knitters! There were lots of interesting sounds for us to hear too, including a loud dog barking and a low flying aeroplane! Have a look at the news section of the website for a special Year One and Two edition!

We have also been trying really hard with our writing this week. We looked at a picture of the Hulk and wrote exciting sentences about him, we think he definitely is incredible and very strong! During our Maths learning we have continued to find missing numbers and have used our careful counting to help us order numbers correctly.

Our wonderful Year Twos have now finished their back to school testing with us, we are so proud of how hard they have all worked and how resilient they all are, well done to you all!

We are equally as proud of our Year Ones who are showing us more readiness for learning every day.

What a super Key Stage we are!



Friday 18th September 2020

It's been all about our Super Senses this week hasn't it Caterpillars! We have had a great week beginning to explore our five senses - starting with smell and taste!
Our teachers brought in lots of smelly liquids for us to try and identify, some were nice and sweet and some were super smelly! The next day we had a tasting session and tried little bits of different foods. Some of them were yummy and made our tummies rumble but some of them were sour and made us pull a funny face! 

We have been trying really hard in our PE lessons too, we have thought about different ways that we can move our bodies. Then we explored different speeds that we can run at, sometimes we went slow but other times we went very fast!
In our Spiritual Development session we thought about what makes a good friend. We then shared all our ideas and made sure that every Caterpillar knew what to do to be a good friend, we had lots of lovely ideas!

Don't forget, we can only change our reading books on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Our Home Learning book doesn't need to come back to school until the last week of term. This weeks' home learning is in the Year 1 or Year 2 section of the home learning page.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Andrews, Mrs Payne, Mrs Gregory and Miss Atkinson


Friday 11th September 2020

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What a super busy week we have had Caterpillars! 
This week we have started to think about our Maths and Literacy learning again. We have completed lots of table top team activities and have shown our wonderful independent skills through some quizzes with our teachers. All of our adults have been really impressed with us and are already whizzing through their stash of super stickers!

In the afternoons we have begun to explore our Topic and Science themes.
We came into class one afternoon and found peas had been scattered everywhere! It was very messy! Then we found a cape, mask and belt, we thought carefully and decided they must all belong to a superhero! It turned out that Super Daisy had been into our classroom! We then read her story and found out that she had defeated the evil Planet Pea and saved the Earth! Phew! We enjoyed working together as a team to create props from the story for our display.

We haven't stopped there though! We have also explored our bodies, and carefully labelled body parts. We began the week thinking of funny places for our elbows but now we know which part of the body they are! Did you know that even if you are not called Adam, a boy still has an Adam's Apple!

We have even found time for some PE, RE and Spiritual Development! We really have had a busy week!

Take a look at our pictures below, have a lovely rest Caterpillars, you deserve it!

Mrs Andrews, Mrs Payne, Miss Atkinson and Mrs Gregory


Friday 04th September 2020
Welcome Back! - Welcome Back Newsletter

Wow Caterpillars! What a jam packed first two days we have had back at school! It has been wonderful to see so many of you! We are so proud of how you have come back to us as if you had never been away!

Parents and families, we hope you have not missed your little ones too much and that they have had great stories to tell you at the end of the day!

Although our days are a little different, some things are very much the same! We have been getting our classroom ready with our birthday displays, our behaviour charters and our class bugs! We have loved getting crafty - sorry for our uniforms being a bit messy with paint!

Take a look below at some of our photos!

We hope you have a lovely rest this weekend Caterpillars and come back raring to go for Mondays' learning!

Have fun! 
Mrs Andrews, Mrs Payne, Mrs Gregory and Miss Atkinson :) 




Welcome back to school! It has been a long time since we have seen some of you! We hope you have had a safe and restful summer break and are now ready to come back and carry on with all your fun learning! 

We know it's been a while since you've been to school and things are a little different for you and for us! You might feel happy to come back and see us, or you might even feel a little bit nervous! That's ok, all your adults are here to welcome you with big smiles and make sure everything will be ok for you!

We won't be jumping straight back into learning on your first two days back with us (Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th September) instead, we will be doing lots of fun activities to help get the classroom ready - we want you to help us make our displays! We will also be spending lots of time talking, it will be great to see all our friends again after so long!

Mums/ dads and everyone at home, please do not worry, we will look after your children with our upmost care, we know a return to school is a big step for you and them alike! We are sure that your children will make us all proud with their enthusiasm and resilience and look forward to sharing snippets of their learning on here with you.

Caterpillars, we have lots of exciting things planned for you this year and can not wait to see you soon, so, get yourselves an early night and your uniform out ready!


Mrs Andrews,                        Mrs Payne,                             Mrs Gregory             and           Miss Atkinson