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Whole School Christmas Production

School productions at All Souls' have always been a big part of our school events calendar and we are delighted to continue this tradition, even during these unusual times.

We are coming together as a whole school to bring you this years' Virtual Christmas production. Each class will perform a section of the play within their 'bubble' and Mrs Walker will bring them all together to share with you - our parents and carers.

The production will be uploaded to the school website for you all to see your child's performance.

All children will be involved but we are asking you to confirm below that you are happy for your child to be filmed for the school website.

Please select ONE of the following:*

Social Media - Facebook and Twitter

We will soon be launching a Facebook page and Twitter account for our school. This will allow us to share and promote our school values and day to day life within our school.

In order for us to update the permissions we hold on file for your child, please confirm below if you are happy for photos of your child to be used on the school social media accounts.

Please select ONE of the following:*